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It’s no surprise that the rise of house prices and the cost of moving in general has had an impact on the housing market. If you’re one of the thousands who has decided to stay put but your home environment needs to be adapted  to suit you and your family’s needs, there are some simple ways you can do this.

Entrance – The most important aspect when adapting your home is the entrance. Start by making sure at least one of the entrances is available without steps and a low-rise threshold. The path to and from the house should have a gentle slope, ideally with handrails. Motion sensitive lighting will help illuminate the doorway, as well as the pathway.

Kitchens – Notoriously unsafe for people living with disabilities, with some simple alterations the kitchen can be easily adapted. Ovens, microwaves and other appliances should be at an easily reachable height, with no bending or stretching.

If you’re kitchen has a hard floor, wearing footwear with a rubber sole can help reduce slipping and tripping. Companies like Mobility Solutions has a range of specially designed footwear to help provide grip on trickier surfaces. You can also add extra lighting, as well as alarm indicators for appliances.

Bathrooms – Ideally the bathroom should be at least 1.5meters by 2.5meters in order for the space to function for someone disabled. Add non-slip flooring, as well as a non-slip mat in the shower and bath.

Having an accessible shower or bath is imperative. It’s also worth thinking about having doors that can be unlocked from the outside too, in case of emergencies.

Living areas – Perhaps the easiest way to adapt the home in the living area is to think about flooring. Avoid rugs as they can cause tripping hazards. Low-pile carpets can also cause difficulties for wheelchair users, instead you’ll want to use hardwood or laminate and tiles. If you’re worried about it feeling cold without rugs and carpets, underfloor heating will help.

The space should allow for free movement without any furniture that could cause an obstruction, and doorways sure be at least 80centimeters (32inches) wide.

Bedroom – Perhaps the simplest way to make the bedroom more comfortable is to choose a bed that fits your needs. It could be a simple change such as changing the mattress, or even buying a new bed. Adjustable beds are ideal as they can be adapted to suit your needs at different times, with the push of a button. With simple changes to fixtures and fittings a much loved home can continue to be lived in.

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