5 ways to make 2020 your most eco-friendly year yet

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We’ve all seen the shocking images of litter covered beaches and the sad reality of wildlife suffering at the hands of plastic pollution and habitat destruction. So, its hardly surprising that this new year, thousands of us are pledging to lead eco-friendly lives and make better choices with the environment in mind.

Being more eco-friendly can seem a little daunting, and hard work. But believe it or not, all you need to do is make a few changes and some super simple swaps! Wondering where to begin? Read on for 5 ways to make 2020 your most eco-friendly year yet.

Switch to LED bulbs – While many of us are familiar with classic energy-saving bulbs, there is an eco-friendlier option available. LED bulbs – like the ones you can get from LED hut – are the ideal solution for those looking for stylish and modern lighting options but also want to reduce their carbon footprint and their landfill waste contributions. LED bulbs are bright, meaning you’ll need less of them, they last for much longer than their energy-saving counterparts and require less energy to power, making them energy efficient. They contain no toxic elements which could endanger wildlife or harm the environment. They’re also incredibly stylish and can be utilised inside or outside!

Recycle more – You probably already recycle most of your household waste. But could you do be doing more? Believe it or not, the answer is probably, yes. You may be surprised at what can be recycled these days, even if in the past you’ve had to throw it in with the regular trash. Double-check all packaging to make sure you’re making the right choice. Also, find recycling points that take other household items such as batteries, old pens and makeup. Some supermarkets will even take back the plastic bags that their bread is sold in and reuse them.

Stop wasting water – If we all pledged to save water, then there would be more of it. It’s that simple. So, turn the tap off when you’re brushing your teeth, have baths rather than showers and use the bath water to water your plants, if you’d rather have a shower, limit your time to 7-8 minutes rather than the 20 you normally enjoy.

Drive less – The impact of carbon emissions from cars is well known. Yet, most of us still drive. If you want to make 2020 your most eco-friendly yet, consider your options. Could you walk to work or carpool with another employee? Could you bike to get around or use public transport? If you have two cars then contemplate going down to one instead. Or you could even switch your car to an electric one.

Consider a plant-based diet – It’s a challenging subject that evokes strong passions on both sides. However, the simple fact is that a plant-based diet – although not perfect – has less of an impact on the environment than a meat/animal product one. You may not wish to go vegan and that’s OK, just consider cutting back on your meat and animal product consumption. Try a couple of days a week without meat or try a vegan option when you go out instead of your regular steak. I have some great side dishes here.

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