8 Beds Perfect for Any Contemporary Bedroom

While modern interiors are overtly minimal, with sleek, cold surfaces and neutral colours (think glass furniture and white walls), contemporary spaces are minimal but homely. They merge slick materials with comforting textures and materials (think wood furniture with a dose of glass, aluminium and bold colours).

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We love the contemporary bedroom style because it’s entirely open for interpretation – there are no hard or fast rules about what it must have. The only element everyone agrees on is a low bed frame for a lounging vibe.

This article explores contemporary style with bed frame recommendations to ensure your bedroom gets off to the perfect start.

What is contemporary style?

Contemporary style cannot be pinpointed to a period like mid-century modern, or industrial. Instead, it is an assortment of stylistic elements from the last two decades, with a heavy lean towards trends of the last five years.

For example, a contemporary bedroom might have a concrete-effect feature wall (mimicking industrial style), a crushed velvet bed (mimicking shabby chic), and metal and glass bedside tables (mimicking modern style).

Precisely what makes a bedroom “contemporary” is a matter of opinion, but for us, it’s how we utilise space rather than the things in it.

Contemporary spaces feel open and relaxed yet homely and exciting. To achieve this, you need a combination of textures and finishes.

Colours are also critical – white is the best colour for walls, with a single feature wall in a bold colour, such as midnight blue or graphite grey.

The best beds for a contemporary bedroom

If you’re going for a contemporary look in your bedroom, your bed is fundamental to achieving the look. It’s the most significant and purposeful piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it makes sense to start your makeover with it.

Here are our favourite contemporary beds:

Pictured: Birlea Montana Metal Bed (£499, king) Available from Bedstar 

With its electroplated chrome and nickel steel frame and geometric design, the Birlea Montana is a stunning metal bed. You won’t find a more stylish option, and it has a sprung slatted base suitable for any mattress.

Pictured: Flintshire Pentre (£295, king) Available from Bedstar

The Flintshire Pentre is perfect if you want a simple but stylish wooden bed. It sits low to the floor with a low footboard and a slatted headboard in the shaker style, making it perfect for contemporary bedrooms.

Pictured: Harmony Beds Olivia (£349, king) Available from Bedstar

The Olivia Wooden Bed Frame is made from rubberwood, with oak veneer panels and a charcoal-painted headboard and footboard. The combination of medium oak and charcoal grey makes it perfect for any contemporary bedroom.

Pictured: Harmony Beds Amelia (£369, king) Available from Bedstar

If you like the natural wood and grey colour scheme of the Olivia bed but want a low footboard, the Harmony Beds Amelia is for you. It’s visually similar but is more minimalistic, helping your bedroom look even more modern.

Pictured:  Birlea Harper (£499, king) Available from Bedstar

The Birlea Harper stands out with stylish grey fabric, a tufted headboard with a square, quilted finish, and light wooden legs. We love how the headboard is angled, peaking at the corners to create a stylish, contemporary look.

Pictured:  Urban Beds Rose (£419, king) Available from Bedstar

The Urban Beds Rose is perfect if you have modern bedroom furniture and décor but want to balance things with a traditional bed. It has a classical headboard with a tufted finish and a beautiful soft grey fabric finish with wooden legs.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Deco (£469, king) Available from Bedstar

Available in dark grey velvet or regular grey, the Julian Bowen Deco is a gorgeous art deco-inspired bed frame with a truffle velvet finish. The quilted headboard and gold metal legs give it a sophisticated vibe, perfect for your contemporary bedroom.

Pictured: Bedmr Newton (£799, king) Available from Bedstar

The Bedmr Newton is a luxury bed without equal, with four hidden drawers and a gorgeous, tufted headboard with bolstered side panels. It perfectly bridges the gap between chic and traditional interior styles for a balanced look.

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