Religious or not: why the Vatican is a great experience

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Any holiday in Italy may not be complete without visiting Vatican City. While it may be within Rome, the Vatican comes under its own jurisdiction. This means that you, as a visitor, might need to follow specific rules should you choose to go there. While the Vatican may hold significant meaning for those of faith, particularly Catholics, it can still be enjoyed by all, read on to find out why.

Booking tickets

Although the Vatican may seem like a grand, imposing place to visit, the ticket prices can be rather reasonable. You may be able to use a ticket reservation page to find cheaper deals than if you were to attempt to purchase them on your arrival. When booking, you may also want to consider any public holidays. The Vatican may be busier at certain times of the year, especially if the Pope is in residence or likely to give a speech. Booking online can help you to figure out the best time to go during your stay, as well as give you a clear indication of how much your day might cost.

The breathtaking art

While the Vatican may exist as a religious city, many people who view it do so because of the appearance of certain buildings. The Sistine Chapel, as an example, features artwork and murals from the renowned Michelangelo. His work, dating back to the renaissance era, can be both fascinating and beautiful. Any visitor with a passion for art, or even a passing interest, may find the experience of seeing some of his grandest work a pleasant one. This particular work took about four years to complete, in the 16th century. For it to still be around today, and open for public viewing, is deemed remarkable. That being said, photography is not allowed within the chapel, giving you even more reason to take in the experience fully.

A love of history

Art isn’t the only thing that has survived hundreds of years within the Vatican. A number of the buildings, and the area itself, date back hundreds of years. The city could even have first housed popes just after the fall of the Roman Empire. Taking your time to admire the landscape and buildings could send you back many years to find out what historic life might have been like. The city became its own state in 1929, yet you may be able to find evidence of those earlier periods, as well as souvenirs depicting events over time.

Visiting the Vatican can be a humbling experience. Even those who do not follow a religion may find themselves in awe of the places of worship and the dedication of those who reside there. On the day of your trip, it can be important to maintain a level of respect at all times. For some, this venture may be about gaining experience and sightseeing yet, for others, it can also hold a great deal more spiritual significance.

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