Outdoor Date Ideas for Summer

With the warmer weather, it’s not surprising that our attention has turned to wanting to be outside. Snuggling inside has been exchanged for the freedom of the outdoors. With restrictions lifting and more places re-opening as we ease out of lockdown, many of us want to take this opportunity to make the most of nature and outdoor spaces, and what better way to do it than with someone else!

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Whether you are newly dating or purely want to spend more time with your partner, outdoor settings are perfect for creating a relaxing environment. Create some fantastic memories in the summer sun and impress your potential love interest, or use the unwinding nature of the outdoors as a form of couples therapy! We take a look at the top date ideas when spending time outdoors to inspire you for your next outing!

Walk and Talk

Basic, but effective! Planning a walk in the great outdoors is perfect if you want the opportunity to get to know one another on a date, or to have the space to have a meaningful discussion with your partner. Choose your favourite walk or chose one that you have always wanted to explore but never had the chance. It will give you both a space to chill your mind, especially after the pressures of lockdown.

Organise a BBQ or Picnic

Take a picnic along with you on your hike and ensure you have some sweet treats for you both to enjoy. Or if it is an especially sunny evening, why not organise a BBQ for you both to tuck into?

Go on a Bike Ride

Cycling is a great way to explore the outdoors and is much faster than walking if you want to travel a bit further. It is a lovely way to feel the refreshing summer breeze and will be sure to raise a smile.

Try a Watersport

Watersports are a great way to amp a date up from the mundane. Not only is it fun, but there are also plenty of options for you to choose from depending on what you would both enjoy.

Perhaps you would like to take your time and take some pictures while paddleboarding in the sun? Or maybe you want to throw fishing into the mix, or go kayaking? With surf lessons now on offer as the country eases out of lockdown, you could take the opportunity to learn something entirely new! Whichever you choose, it will be sure to make some significant memories and cause a few laughs too!

Visit a Garden

With private gardens re-opened, including sites owned by the National Trust, it is time to get amongst flora and fauna! A leisurely stroll around some stunning gardens and magnificent grounds is a great way to spend an afternoon and the ideal place to make some comforting memories in the sun.

Play a Game

A sweet and simple idea is to organise an outdoor game. Grab your frisbee and head to the park together. Want something a bit more challenging? Why not try rounders or volleyball, for example? Whatever you enjoy, pick a beautiful setting and spend that day letting loose and having fun.

sunset in brighton

Find the Perfect Sunset Spot

Is there somewhere you just love to gaze out at when the sun is setting? Or if you’re an early bird, maybe it is even more magical as the sun rises? Seeing the last (or first) touches of the sun feels special no matter how many times you have seen it and is a lovely scene to share with someone you care about.

Roast Marshmallows

Find a safe spot such as your closest fire pit and create a small bonfire where you can roast some marshmallows together. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have one in your garden, or you even live by the beach? Wherever it is, snuggling over a small fire is sure to increase the feeling of intimacy and is a lovely way to spend an evening together. Make sure to put it out properly at the end of the evening and be responsible for any rubbish that needs to be cleared.

Watch the Stars

Another incredibly unique and romantic activity is to stargaze together. Again, pick your favourite spot, or think of somewhere you have always wanted to go and take a blanket, warm clothes and some snacks. You can even download specific apps which can explain the stars, planets and constellations.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

One for those who have a sense of adventure and love having fun! Get creative and organise a scavenger hunt to complete together. It will, firstly, no doubt be funny and secondly, an opportunity to bond and practise teamwork!

Make an Outdoor Cinema

This may take a fair bit of planning and effort, but will be well worth it if you can pull it off! Make it that extra bit special with some fairy lights, lots of comfy blankets and cushions as well as having some delicious treats and beverages on hand.

Hopefully, you are now inspired to set up your next date and are well equipped with some lovely plans to experience with your partner this summer!

Remainly is an online, video-based couples therapy service, fronted by leading Scandinavian relationship phycologist Andreas Løes Narum. It provides a wide range of advice for couples.

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