New Beauty: NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit

New Beauty

We all know how important it is to have our ‘five-a-day’ in new beauty products, so when it comes to skincare why not try a fruity beauty range that has been inspired by the delicious pink grapefruit and smells good enough to eat!

The NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® pink grapefruit range includes a Facial Wash, Cream Wash, Daily Scrub and Oil-Free Moisturiser that not only adds a zest of colour to your bathroom, but uplifts the senses with a burst of invigorating freshness too.

With patented MICROCLEAR® Technology, the Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit range offers a fast and effective solution for clearer skin. The pleasant burst of grapefruit scent gives a much needed pick-me-up, helping you to look your best and smell fruity fresh!

New Beauty from Neutragena

The range includes…

· The NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® pink grapefruit Facial Wash, (200ml, £4.49 RRP) which has a unique formula to help eliminate spots and blackheads, all with a blast of uplifting Pink Grapefruit.

The NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® pink grapefruit Cream Wash (150ml, £4.49 RRP) gently cleanses to help prevent spots and blackheads without overdrying the skin.

· The NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® pink grapefruit Facial Scrub (150ml, £4.49 RRP) is an uplifting daily facial scrub containing exfoliating micro-beads to unclog pores and help eliminate spots and blemishes.

The NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® pink grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser (50ml, £4.99 RRP) is a daily facial moisturiser with a fresh fragrance that leaves skin looking beautifully clear and healthy.

This range is perfect for keeping your skin fresh and clear for the winter months as they slowly approach. We’re huge fans of the facial scrub in particular as it is refreshing and ideal for every day use. Highly recommended!

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