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Who’s on your dinner guest list? You know when you can choose any fiction or non-fiction people come and join you for dream dinner party. Me being a geek would want some of my favourite superheroes to come together and forgot the dinner party, help me save the world against an evil entity ready to commit global genocide. Well my dream has come true in the shape of a film with my favourite DC characters teaming up to save the earth by forming the Justice League. Best bit is I don’t really need to help them either as I can just watch safely from the comfort of my living room with the Justice League being out on blu ray now.

This is the latest offering from the DC Movie Universe, and one that many fans have been waiting for long time for. So is it great? Is it OK? Or is it movie that angers you for losing a few hours of your life your never going to see again. The answer completely depends on you and what you are expecting. The film takes place after the events of Batman vs Superman, with Batman and Wonder Woman searching for others with abilities that can help them protect the planet. The villain they’re up against is Steppenwolf who tries to collect three mother boxes that are hidden on Earth.

When these artefacts are put together they form ‘The Unity’ which will destroy Earth’s ecology and terraform it in the image of Steppenwolf’s homeworld. The candidates with abilities that are found and tracked down are Barry Allen (The Flash), Arthur Curry (Aquaman) and Victor stone (Cyborg). We are living in the golden age for superhero movies with there being 3 – 5 of them released every year. This year sees the Avengers infinity war released which is what Marvel have been working towards for the last 10 years. This seems a perfect choice to compare the justice league film to but it shouldn’t be. We’ve had a lot more time to get to know the characters in the avengers and who we like and dislike and worry about. Justice League is more of an origin story with three of the main characters being brand new to the audience. Although we may know these characters in another form such as the comics, or DC television universe, it will be the first time we’ve seen these takes of the characters.

This film to me seems like a way of showing off these new characters without having to do another origin story. Most of us know now how Bruce Wayne’s parents die or why Spiderman hates having Uncle Ben’s rice when eating chicken Korma. So with this in mind Justice League skips past those bits and puts us straight into the action with the League all having the abilities from the get go.

If you want an action packed movie with some laughs here and there that you don’t have to wait for ages to get to, then this one is for you. If your looking for more indepth stories about the characters involved maybe see some of the fantastic Animated movies DC has to offer. Batman and Harley Quinn being one of the latest to be released. You can also check out the DC Exhibition: Dawn of Super Heroes that is taking place at the O2 in London between 23 Feb – 9 Sept 2018. Where you can see comics, sketches, cinema artwork, props from the films and be able to see a behind the scenes look at the DC Universe.

Is this the end of the DC Universe? In a word, NO. Its just the beginning. Marvel may have a head start but DC are more than capable of making amazing films (the Dark Knight Trilogy for example) and a warning now of a spoiler Batman and Wonderwoman leave some empty seats for the justice League for more members to join, showing that DC have no plans on stopping now.

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