Why I’m Doing Veganuary 2019


Happy New year everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely time relaxing with family and friends? I’ve decided to do Veganuary 2019 and rather than just jump straight in with a string of posts about it over the course of the next month and bombard you all out of no-where, I wanted to put together a really short post on my reasoning behind getting involved this year.

I have been involved with things like World Vegan Day before and talked about my experiences doing this. Veganuary is a slightly bigger commitment as it looks at making the change to a vegan diet over the course of a full month, but the way I see it is that this is a great chance to really learn about veganism and find some tasty meals that I can cook for the whole family.

My initial thoughts?

The first thing that I’ve been asked when starting Veganuary is “So does this mean that you’re fully Vegan now then?” to which my reply has been simply: “Well this month, yes. In my diet that is. I still need to think about changes in other aspects of life such as the products we wear and use. Will I remain fully vegan in the long-term? Hopefully, but who knows?!” the aim of this is to hopefully go fully vegan one day, but I’m also not ruling out the option that Veganuary will simply give me some great tips and ideas for how to lead a more environmentally friendly life, help animals and to eat a more balanced diet. I’m a strong believer in the fact that if enough people make small changes, we can all have a huge impact together.

What will I be posting on the blog about Veganuary 2019?

I’m not going to go crazy and fill this site with Vegan only content. I think a lot of my readers might be in the same boat as me and be keen to learn more without being completely overwhelmed with everything. I’ll try to document a bit about what I’m eating, any exciting recipes I find and if you have anything you want to know, just message me in the comments or find me on social media @lifestylelinked everywhere and ask! I would love to chat with you all about it and share tips and ideas with eachother!

You can find out more info on Veganuary here: http://veganuary.com/ and follow my Instagram for daily updates and news.



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