Go on, you deserve it! 6 ways you can treat yourself this weekend

Think of modern life and we think of a lack of time, stress, technology overload and not enough sleep! Don’t get me wrong – modern life is full of perks too like being able to video call those relatives on the other side of the world and being able to do a weekly shop without having to step foot out of the door…but it’s because everything is so fast paced, it’s far too easy to burn yourself out.


Which is why I’m committed to treating myself as often as I can. Whether it’s something relaxing for the body, or a treat for the mind, treating yourself is good for your mental wellbeing! So, go ahead, try one of these ideas this weekend and enjoy every second – you deserve it!

See a show

We all want to be a little more cultured, a little more “in the know” and have plenty to contribute to conversation. So why not, head to the theatre and broaden your mind? It could be a play, a ballet, a poetry slam or even an open mic night for local artists. If you really want to push the boat out and be truly captivated by a theatre experience, then why not discover opera? You’ll find the Vienna state opera schedule here. Don’t be afraid to go it alone if your friends or partner can’t make it, consider it a special performance that’s just for you!

Learn a new craft

This might seem a little daunting, but it you want to challenge your mind that this is extremely rewarding. The sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you’ve completed your project is wonderful, and who knows – you might just discover a hidden talent.

Create a special place

It’s not always easy to finance a whole house makeover, so why not update one particular room instead? Whether it’s your bedroom or your living room, choose a new wall paper, add some more cushions, switch the furniture around, make it extra comfortable and full of things that bring you joy.

Something to look forward to

We all need something to work towards; it makes those long days at work and hard nights with the kids worth it. So, book yourself a couple of tickets to see your favourite comedian – make it a date night. Book a weekend away, go to a festival or concert. Just make sure you have something on your calendar that you can get excited about!

Go through some old photographs

There’s something magical about photographs. Especially those super old ones from when you were a kid! They’re so different to the glossy, modelled, digital photographs we take today you can fully appreciate the nostalgia and the innocence of them. Reliving happy memories and fun moments is good for the soul.

A solo date

Can’t find anyone to go to the museum with you? Or a walk around the park? Take yourself! Enjoying your own company is important and it allows you to go at your own pace and not worry about anyone else for a couple of hours. Who knows…it might become a regular thing!

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