How To Have The Best Time Shopping Online

You have probably been there – scrolling through hundreds of items in multiple online stores. Filling up your basket, second-guessing yourself, changing your mind, and then leaving to go to another store. 

The other side of the coin is when you load up the cart quickly, impulse buying takes over – and buying things you don’t really want or need. When they arrive, you don’t like them a whole lot either!

Online shopping can be ideal when you don’t have time to go to the store, you have anxiety, or you have mobility considerations. Not only that, it is fast – and often, a lot of the best offers are online! 

But how can you get the best from the experience? 



Impulse buying is something that millions of us are not accustomed to. It is a combination of great marketing by the companies and a FOMO. Not to mention the bump in dopamine that we get from buying things; it is a combination of overspending on things we don’t need to want. 

So before you start searching store after store online – make a list of what you need and why. You might need a new dress, but what type are you looking for? Make a plan, so you only look and buy what you want. 


While saving a bit of money before spending is a good idea – this is about saving inspiration. Head to your favorite online women’s boutique, shoe store, or accessories store and see if they have a blog or an inspiration section. 

Take a few screenshots of the items that you are thinking about buying, then come back to them later in your camera roll. Sit and look at them for a while and share them with friends – if you have longer to consider something, you are more likely to decide if it is something you like, love, or loathe.

Save some inspiration as you search to help you make a better decision. 


When there is no budget set, you might find yourself piling up the cart – and just trying to get free shipping. Always consider if spending $50 to get free shipping is best – or would it be better to just buy what you need? 

Set a budget that is rigid, and don’t give yourself room to wiggle, either. A budget will stop you from overspending and add things to the basket that you don’t need. 



There are a couple of ways that you can save money when you are online shopping. You can look for plugins like Honey which will look for vouchers and coupons as you shop, so you don’t have to. 


You can also check voucher and coupon websites and see what you can save on. Don’t be tempted to buy something you weren’t going to just because you have a coupon, though! 



There are millions of websites now, and not all of them should be somewhere you spend money. There are a lot of websites that are legitimate; however, the delivery time on items could be up to a month or more. 

Check out the terms and conditions, and the location of the store too. Always pay attention to the payment options as well – look for ones that give you extra buyer protection, like PayPal. 


Ahead of buying anything, always check the returns policy. Some stores have very poor returns options that might see you holding on to something that you don’t like. If they use specific carriers, it might mean you need to travel in order to return the item. 

Another thing that you should check is that the returns are free, and you won’t need to pay to return something you don’t want. 

While looking at the returns policy, check to see how long the refund into your account will be. If you can’t find the information – get in touch with customer services to see if they can give you the information that you need. 


Make use of the internet and check the reviews that the company has; people who have had poor experiences are more likely to share, so try to keep a balanced view. If you see that they are all saying the same thing, though, it could be worth giving the store a miss. 

Often online stores will allow customers to add online reviews too, and if they do, make sure that you read them about the item you are thinking about buying. 

They will be able to tell you if the items come up small or big and if the fabric is good quality. Always check reviews before you buy anything because they can help you make an informed decision. 


Almost all of the photos you see on a clothing website will have been enhanced, and that means the color that you see and the one you get will be slightly different. 

In some cases, reds, pinks, and oranges can present slightly differently on screen – and this can change further based on the device that you are using to view things on too. 

It is almost impossible to make sure what you see color-wise is exactly what you get – but be prepared that the shade might differ slightly. 


The ultimate impulse spend reduction and a reduction in the amount you buy that you don’t need by waiting. Not a day or a week but a month. A full 30 days! In 30 days, the impulse will have gone, and if you come back to it and you still want it – then that is a sign that you are probably going to use or wear it often. 

Cart Trick 

It is no secret that companies do track your online browsing and, through marketing, will target you with products. But you can use it to your advantage. When you have an account with an online store, you can sign in and add the things you actually want. 


Then close the website. Online stores have an abandoned cart process, which often means they will send a coupon or a discount to encourage you to buy. Other times when you start to display what is known as leave behavior, you might get a pop-up with an instead discount. 

There are a lot of bargains to be had with online shopping, but always make sure that you are taking steps to get the best offers – and never impulse buy! Ever wondered why you love online shopping? Read this: 4 Reasons Why Women Love to Shop –

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