A Guide to Glamping in the UK this Summer


I don’t know about you, but seeing this summer sun finally arrive is making me want to get out and travel. We are currently mid house renovation so budget for a full blown holiday might be tight, so I’ve been looking at other options for things like glamping in the UK. This means that we would still be able to get away on a fantastic family break, without blowing our budget. Here are some of my top tips when it comes to starting your glamping journey!


The first thing to look at is where you want to base yourself on your glamping trip. As you can see from my Instagram we have been all over the UK on regular days out and absolutely love exploring the UK countryside and beaches. Decide what you are looking for in your perfect holiday and start from there. Do you see yourself spending long days on the beach topping up your tan or do you want a countryside retreat with access to Vineyards and restaurants? If you are thinking of the latter than Hencote Shrewsbury could be a fantastic option as it seems to tick all of the boxes.

What to pack

One of the first things to do is to look at what is and isn’t provided at your glamping location of choice. A lot of venues will provide bedding and towels etc but some may not. It may be worth looking into various packages to decide what works best for you. Multiple changes of clothes should be taken as well as footwear for all occasions and weather. The great British weather is known for being quite unpredictable at times. If you are travelling with kids or teenagers then bringing your own snacks, treats and water will cut down on the need to constantly stop and purchase these items on the go. Don’t forget your swimming costume, beach towels and sunscreen!

Finding the balance

Finding a good balance between relaxing and exploring your surroundings is key to any good experience of glamping in the UK. If (like us) you like a good mix of activities and chilled out time then it may be worth checking and pre-booking any entry to events and locations ahead of time. If you are planning to travel in the summer months then checking your route online and keeping an eye on traffic times and delays is always worth doing. Bringing your own cosy home accessories, some good books and a few creature comforts can help make your surroundings feel like home and aid in relaxation.


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