Geordie Shore season 12 Starts Tonight See The Hilarious Mockumentary!

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Geordie Shore season 12 readies itself to migrate back onto our screens tonight, online streaming service. NOW TV takes a look back at the last five years of escapades from these lads and lasses from Tyneside. The epic, 90 second nature mockumentary, voiced by national treasure Brian Blessed, explores the previous 11 seasons of Geordie Shore in all its glory. Set across the vast landscapes of Newcastle, it reveals the ‘toon’ as it has never been seen before.

Are you ready for Geordie Shore season 12?

The aptly named “Planet Geordie” is an exploration and celebration of the lives of Britain’s most prolific party animals. Spectacular elements of the Geordies’ life cycle include mass migrations to nightclubs, power struggles within the heard, getting ‘mortaled’, intricate mating rituals and the hunt for food.

Viewers can join Brian as he observes the Geordies in all their glory, from the failures and successes of the mating dance to their interactions at the watering hole. Fascinating.

Brian Blessed, secret Geordie Shore fan, said:

“I’m a huge nature fan, and have a mini animal sanctuary at my house, so I was delighted when I was asked to do a nature documentary voiceover for NOW TV’s ‘Planet Geordie’. I met Holly and Scotty T and they were lovely in real life and very sophisticated, but watching the clips they’d selected for the video, you are left with the impression that they’re a herd of wild animals of which I approve!”

Gidon Katz, Director of NOW TV said:

“We noticed a gap in the nature mockumentary market for the life cycle of the party animal and the return of Geordie Shore to NOW TV felt like the purr-fect time to correct this. We’re huge fans of both Geordie Shore and Brian Blessed so we pounced on the opportunity to create Planet Geordie with them. It’s top koala-ty entertainment that has our seal of approval.”

Watch Geordie Shore season 12 on Tuesday 15th March at 10pm on MTV with a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass for just £6.99.

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