How Feature Furniture Can Step Up Your Home Style Game

Looking to give your home a more luxurious and stylish design? You don’t need to get an expensive interior designer in. Instead, focusing on feature furniture is a great way to step up your home style game. Here, you’ll discover how the right furniture can make a huge difference to how the home looks and feels.

Commanding attention

Feature furniture is great to add to the home because it commands attention. If you have just one piece of feature furniture, it’s going to draw your attention away from everything else in the room.

This means, you can get away with splurging on just one item, and then focusing on more affordable furniture and accessories to complete the look. Feature furniture becomes a focal point in the room, creating a more luxurious ambience.

The power of antique furniture

While any piece of expensive furniture can be used as a feature piece, it’s worth considering investing in an antique. Utilising clever ways to use antique furniture in a modern home, you can give the room a professional looking makeover.

Antique style furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. As well as finding it at auctions, you can often come across impressive antiques at your local market or car boot sale.

Don’t forget to spruce up the entrance

When you’re thinking about which rooms to add feature furniture, don’t forget the entrance of the home. After all, this is the first thing you and your guests see when you walk in.

Even small hallways can be spruced up with a small piece of feature furniture. You could use a luxury telephone table from a company such as Cotswold Co for example. Complete the look by adding a stylish mirror or piece of art on the walls.

A long-term investment

When you buy feature furniture, it’s going to provide a long-term investment. In order for a piece of furniture to be classed as a feature, it needs to be well-designed and ultimately, more expensive. What this means, is that you’re going to have a piece of furniture that’s going to last for many years. So, you won’t need to replace it for quite some time. This can actually save you money in the long-term.

As you can see, adding feature furniture to the home can help you to take your home style game to the next level. It’s not overly difficult to achieve a more expensive and luxurious design. However, it is important to remember to add just one piece of feature furniture to each room. Too many pieces can make the room appear cluttered. It’s much more effective to have just one piece of feature furniture which draws your attention.

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