Home Made Ginger and Lemon Shot For The Ultimate Wellness Boost

home made ginger and lemon shots

Home Made Ginger and Lemon Shot For The Ultimate Wellness Boost – At the time of writing this we are on week two of social distancing and self isolation to help reduce the spread of the current covid-19 pandemic. Putting together content is a little trickier right now but hopefully we can all pull together and navigate our way through this the best we can.

Today’s post is a quick one to show you all a home made ginger and lemon shot that I made yesterday after watching Lydia Elise Millen make it in her recent YouTube vlog. You can find the original post over on Lydia’s blog with some beautiful imagery. Keep reading for my own run-down below.

This ginger and lemon shot is a great way to give your immune system a little boost each morning. It is refreshing, packed with flavour and has a real kick to it! With everything going on, I’ve been trying to make more time to food prep snacks and side dishes as well as healthy drinks and smoothies. Mostly in a bid to counteract the copious amounts of wine I’m drinking these days, let’s keep it real here…

The great thing about this home made ginger and lemon shot is that you can pre-prepare a big enough batch of it to store in the fridge It will last you the week and can be used in ‘shot’ sized amounts. Take this daily either on it’s own and down it or add some hot water and sip it as a refreshing morning tea. Ginger and lemon are both great for the immune system and the digestive system and I’ll happily take a little extra help in that department right now.

Simple Recipe | Home Made Ginger and Lemon Shot For The Ultimate Wellness Boost

This is so simple to make and takes barely any time. First of all you will need : X3 lemons, 500ml water, 100g fresh ginger (grated) and manuka honey or regular honey as an optional extra.

Step one – grate 100g of ginger and place into a pan. Step two – add 500ml of water and bring to boil on the hob. Step three – leave to cool for 45 minutes. Step four – sieve your mixture to remove the ginger pieces. Step five: add the juice of three lemons.

Store the mixture in a (sealed) jug in the fridge and you should have enough to last around 5 days. You can add an optional spoonful of honey if you like your drink to be a little sweeter. Manuka honey is said to have some amazing health benefits. Personally I prefer the zingy kick that this has to it without sweetener. It is perfect for waking me up in the morning! Drink it with hot water like a tea, or down a shot in one. Totally up to you!

Let me know if you make this ginger and lemon shot and what you thought of it. I’m sure you could add additional ingredients to make it even healthier! Don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @lifestylelinked for more info and inspiration.

home made lemon and ginger shot

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