Diptyque Eau de Sens – A Glorious Confusion Of The Senses

Diptyque Eau De Sens

Diptyque Eau de Sens is the latest fragrance from Diptyque Paris. Eau des Sens is disconcerting for the senses. Some people will perceive the scent in terms of colours. Others will hear whispering voices, taste ambrosia or feel as if they are nestling their noses into soft skin.

Diptyque Eau de Sens – The low-down

The idea is to take a different view of fragrance, a kind of philosophy of softness. The body’s softness. A softness of skin so sensitive that the sensuous and spiritual realms intermingle around this fresh, full source.


Eau des Sens owes its lively memory to the original way that it is composed. Each citrus fragrance is taken from the corresponding fruit’s leaves, flowers and peel to capture its vital energy as a whole. Neroli is not separated from its branch, and it provides extra sparkle and life.
And in its zesty orange gleam, a floral scent is always present. But Eau des Sens is a diptyque adventure, as soon as you think you understand it and possess its secrets, it changes directions and reveals disconcerting woody and spicy facets.

Diptyque Eau De Sens

Eau des Sens is well-rounded, harmonious and “blue like an orange” on a green bough in the sunshine of the South of France. Eau des Sens deepens with the breath inhaling its woody notes freshened by ginger. It could be criticized for lacking in common sense, because its structure is such a prodigious achievement of balance. Perhaps it is not very sentimental, either, but rather sensitive and sensuous.


Available in fragrance form or these beautifully designed soaps with the classic Diptyque logo engraved throughout. The perfect spring/summer fragrance and a luxurious treat for the senses. Eau de toilette 50ml 1,7 fl.oz & 100ml 3,4 fl.oz. Perfumed soap 150g 5.3 fl.oz – diptyqueparis.com.

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