Creative And Stylish Summer Lighting Solutions

This week we’re looking at some stylish and creative lighting solutions to see you through summer and beyond. From the innovative and fun to the simple and affordable, we are bringing you some exciting options that are well worth checking out.

Pastel Lighting Options


These Reclamation Pendants from David Hunt Lighting are absolutely stunning. Hang them above your dining table to create a stylish and on-trend space. You could also use them to add a pop of pastel colour to just about any room. These come in various different colours and Bespoke colours can also be requested. We predict that these are going to be absolutely huge for summer home décor!

Philips Portable Hue Go Light

Something absolutely ingenious that we only recently discovered is the Philips Hue Go. A portable and wireless lamp which can be easily moved around your home and into your outdoor space. It’s the perfect way to light up decking, a terrace or complete an al-fresco dining experience. The freedom associated with Hue Go allows you to create ambience anywhere in your garden and take your indoor comforts outside.


Perfect as the centre piece for entertaining and lighting up hidden spaces and dark corners. Due to the clear casing, it gives the feel of a pure ball of light with no clutter! We love the fact that you can easily create just about any colour and that they have a handy app for your phone that lets you control the settings. Expect to hear more from us about this stunning little gadget! Get it from:

Lidoff_540x540 (1)Lidoff_540x540

If you are looking for something simple then Air Wick Life Scents could be for you. This is the first fragrance range to use breakthrough technology that combines a selection of changing aromas within one fragrance to create a constantly-changing, multi-layered scent sensation. Their colour changing candles are not only brilliant at fragrancing your home, but they also work well for creating some ambient mood lighting. Place them outside during your evening BBQ this summer or use them inside to create a soft, romantic glow that smells divine! Air Wick Life Scents range is available from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Wilko.


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