Creating a tranquil outdoor exercise space

Have you been feeling like you are working too hard lately and not getting enough fresh air? Taking some of your regular day-to-day activities outdoors can be beneficial for the mind and body. Below you can find some top tips for creating an outdoor exercise space that will help keep your body and mind healthy and relaxed.

When starting to think about how and where you exercise, it is important to design a garden theme that really works for you. What do you need from your exercise space and how often will you use it? Here are a few easy suggestions to get you started.

Small patio area with space for outdoor weights, resistance training or push ups – try to keep one area where you can freely move about without tripping over plant pots or clutter. This will not only give you the space to exercise, but provides an always available space where you could place a foldable table and chairs to be taken out as and when they are needed. You can pick up some cheap decking from garden centres or Ikea that clip together without the need for any major building work or expensive outlays.

Create a ‘Zen’ area for yoga, meditation or just a quiet space to relax after a long day – with yoga becoming ever more popular, it can be so nice to take your routine outside and breathe in some fresh air in the process. All you really need is a quiet and flat area to sit. Quality gym mats from UK suppliers like Eveque can ensure you exercise in comfort. Using a selection of bright and comforting outdoor rugs and cushions will also help to make your yoga time more relaxing.

Music and playlists to relax to – we all love to think of the great outdoors as a peaceful place but if truth be told, there are sometimes lots of background noises and distractions that may start to annoy you. Here in Somerset we live by the sea, so if it isn’t the dreaded seagulls screeching, it’s people outside mowing their lawns or a dog barking away in the distance. Perhaps you could consider creating an exercise playlist full of soft, relaxing tones and spa music. Invest in a good pair of headphones if you want to feel totally immersed in the experience.

Yoga and exercise with your partner – one of the great things about outdoor exercise with your partner is that for busy couples this is often a great way to spend some quality time together, whilst taking care of your mental and physical health. Perhaps picking a set time each morning before you both head off to work could be a wonderful way of starting the day off with a healthy mindset.

Plants and flowers – attract nature, bees and butterflies with wild flowers and plants. Certain types of flowers such as lavender create a calming and relaxing scent that will help you to achieve that zen like state as you exercise or meditate outdoors.

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