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Gifts For People Who Love Sleep – Some of the best Christmas gifts are those that are cosy and help you drift off into a blissful, dream-filled slumber. At this time of year, as the nights are colder and darker earlier, we love nothing better than looking for Christmas gifts that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Here are a few of our top picks.

Gifts For People Who Love Sleep

LUSH ‘Sleepy’ Body lotion – Use this once and we can guarantee that it will become a cult product in your skincare regime this winter and throughout the festive season. This dreamy lotion contains gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and comfortingly sweet tonka absolute. A rich, malty and floral perfume conjures up visions of sugar plums and hot drinks topped with whipped cream. It is the perfect body lotion to use after a bath and before climbing into bed. The perfect Christmas gift or a gloriously decadent treat for yourself! Priced at £7.95 for 95g. You can find it at your local LUSH store or online:

Gifts For People Who Love Sleep

Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 – This is an absolute must have gift idea for anyone who takes their sleep seriously! It combines the benefits of a gradual sunset and sunrise with aromatherapy. Bodyclock is a refreshing way to wake up and is effective for healthy sleep, sports training, energy at work and is even a useful complement to a lightbox in treating SAD. Simply open up the top and pop in your favourite aromatherapy oils to make this the ultimate tranquil bedroom accessory.


The Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 comes with a handy remote and can replicate a fading sunset to help you naturally unwind at bedtime.This is a signal for your body to step up production of the sleep hormone melatonin so you’re ready for bed. In the morning, gradually brightening light has the opposite effect, readying your body for activity. RRP £160. Find out more here

Gifts For People Who Love Sleep

Simba Mattress – we’ve made no secret of our love for Simba mattresses since featuring here. These mattresses are the ultimate in luxury sleep. Soft, cosy and comfortable – you really can’t go wrong. Take a look at their website for more details. They even offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy!

Gifts For People Who Love Sleep

Vera la lune greeting card – this is a wonderful way to show your friends and family that you approve of their love of naps! These make for great cards to send to your friends, or grab one for yourself to frame or keep on your desk. Priced at £2.75 from Vera la lune.

Amazing Grace Philosophy

Philosophy Amazing Grace 20th Anniversary Handcare Duo – Treat your hands to an amazing and hydrating indulgence. in honour of 20 years of amazing grace, some fan favourites are back for a limited time at Boots. This is the perfect set to keep in the bathroom and use as a luxurious treat right before bed. Gorgeously scented and super soft on your hands, this is the ultimate way to wash and moisturise your hands before heading off to the land of nod. Priced at £26 from Boots.

kiss the moon

Kiss The Moon Dream Bedside Boxed Set – Kiss the Moon is one of our favourite brands at the moment. Their entire range is seriously stunning, but if you are looking for a gift that is relaxing and sleep promoting then the ‘Dream – Bedside Boxed Set’ is for you. Transform your bedroom into a haven for sleep with gif boxed lavender & bergamot scented DREAM bedside beauties. INCLUDES: 12ml shea butter pulse point balm, 30ml pillow mist, silk sleep mask & Do Not Disturb door hanger RRP £42 / 30ml + 12ml. Visit the website to buy:

Can you think of any other Christmas gifts for people who love sleep? Get in touch via our contact page with any suggestions and if we think they’re awesome, we’ll add them to our gift guide!

Disclaimer: please note that unless otherwise stated some items featured have been provided on a review basis.

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