5 Fashion Accessories for the Perfect Winter Look

winter fashion

Winter fashion in general means a lot of layers and bundling up. Accessories can really make a difference in one’s look, and they are a way you can change the look up of even just one winter coat in many different ways. So, when you are looking to add some personal style to your winter looks, focus on your accessories!

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Here are 5 accessories that are must-haves for this winter season:

1. Cropped shoulder bags

Cropped shoulder bags are not only trendy, but they are also a practical accessory for the winter season. During times of layers upon layers, sometimes it can feel too bulky to carry a large bag or have one that hangs across your body. A cropped shoulder bag sits comfortably on your shoulder, leaving your hands free to put in your pockets for warmth or for stability in extra cold weather. Check out websites like Mirta for example to find high-quality Italian leather bags that will last you through the season and for years to come.

2. Fedora

A Fedora is a classic and beautiful winter accessory that can pull together an outfit. There are wool and felt fedoras available, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

This can be your third piece to complete your outfit, or a stylish and practical addition to any winter look.

3. Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots can elevate any winter look. Even a simple outfit of jeans and a sweater can look stylish with the addition of over the knee boots. Plus, they are great for added warmth and you can wear a pair of long wool or cashmere socks underneath.

Pair them with a dress, with or without tights, to highlight your legs. Or pair them with leather leggings or pants for more warmth and added style.

4. Beanie hat

A beanie hat may not be what some consider the most fashionable of accessories, but they are a perfect accessory for your winter looks. They offer incredible warmth, and especially if you pair them with an outfit that is otherwise put together it can be an addition to your look rather than take away from anything.

For a modern style, have a couple different neutral options to choose from that go with the rest of your winter wardrobe for a monochromatic look.

5. Scarf and mufflers 

A scarf and muffler are both winter accessory essentials for warmth. But they are also a way you can add major style to your looks. You can experiment with how you wear your scarf or muffler, such as the classic wrap, a careful tie, or belted in your blazer for style but accessible for when you want the warmth. Play with patterns and colour, or opt for neutral colours that will pair with everything.

What is your favourite winter accessory that you will be wearing this season?

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