Why I’ve Changed My Mind About Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit cosmetics used to be one of my ‘go-to’ brands when I was younger. I remember absolutely loving how they looked and always kept up with the new releases. However, as I’ve gotten older I started to feel slightly out of touch with the branding. Take last year’s advent calendar launches for example – the packaging and advertising surrounding this was so far off my age range it’s unreal.

Recently however, a lovely parcel of samples arrived at my desk (press gifted by the brand) and I decided to put them to the test and have a play around with everything. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything revolutionary that I hadn’t seen before, but everything looked stylishly packaged and not overly gimmicky so I was excited to delve in! Here are 3 of the products I absolutely loved trying out and that I’ll definitely be using daily from now on.


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

I’m not great at filling in my brows and I don’t like anything too severe. The Benefit goof proof brow pencil is the best brow pencil I’ve used in a long time. The shade 3 suits my colouring perfectly and the fine pointed tip makes drawing in natural looking brows a total breeze.


I’ve found myself reaching for this every day, over any other brow products I own and I can’t rave about it enough! If you have trouble either making your brows look natural, or you’re just not great at filling them in yourself – you need to give the Benefit goof proof brow pencil a go as it definitely lives up to its name!

benefit gimmie brow

Benefit Gimmie Brow

I couldn’t write this without also mentioning the Benefit Gimmie Brow gel. This is perfect for days when you need to give your brows a quick fix but don’t have time to faff about. Run this through them and they instantly look thicker! Perfect for on-the-go makeup or for travel.

benefit boiing

Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer

Now this is the absolute star of the show for me. I may be late to the party when it comes to discovering the Benefit boi-ing Airbrush Concealer, but oh my goodness! As someone who has quite prominent dark circles under their eyes (autoimmune diseases play havoc with your sleeping patterns!) I feel as though this is the concealer I have always wanted in my life!

benefit concealer review boi-ing

The texture of this concealer is soft and blendable. It sinks into your skin beautifully and you can either use your fingers to apply or go in with a very soft fluffy concealer brush (this is my preferred way) and you are left with bright and fresh looking skin with dark circles perfectly hidden.

I love everything about this concealer – the formula is the absolute dream and the coverage is faultless. I always finish with a tiny bit of translucent powder just to set the whole look into place, et voila!

Grab all of these and more at www.benefitcosmetics.com/uk


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