Cadbury Nuttier partners with Mark Wright and Georgia Toffolo for new launch

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A new study of 2000 Brits has found that nearly half of adults (47%) feel they have achieved the perfect balance in life – as lockdown has allowed them more time to do the things they love.

The research, commissioned by Cadbury, to mark the launch of its brand-new range of bars, Cadbury Nuttier, revealed that adults who have been working from home found that lockdown restrictions have had a huge impact on their day-to-day – for the better – with many enjoying the slower pace of life. The shift meant people have been able to spend more time doing hobbies such as reading (43%), cooking (43%) and gardening (41%).

The importance for balance is clear with adults linking it to happiness (71%), less stress (66%), and maintaining mental health and wellbeing (67%). When asked what defines the ‘perfect’ balance, Brits admit that setting time aside for themselves to enjoy the things they love (45%) and enjoying the best of both – not going to any one extreme (45%) hold the key.

Cadbury Nuttier, which features two sides, packed with fruit and nuts and finished with a layer of delicious Cadbury chocolate, provides fans with a great tasting treat and enables those looking for the  right balance to enjoy a healthy alternative for whatever the day holds.


Heart Radio presenter and professional footballer Mark Wright said: “It’s been a whirlwind of a year… I have been lucky enough to achieve some of my greatest accomplishments on the pitch and have put a lot of energy into not only my own fitness but helping people at home stay active. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt recently it is the importance of taking time for myself. That is why the new Cadbury Nuttier bars are great, they’re the perfect snack for when I’m putting in the work or working on some feel-good favourites for Heart Radio show. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in a busy schedule or feel like you need to constantly push yourself to do better, and reach new goals, but it’s also okay to chill out.

Georgia Toffolo, television and media personality commented: “It has always been so important to me to try and keep some form of balance in my life, but it’s not always easy. That’s why I was so excited to partner with Cadbury for the launch of its brand-new Nuttier bar – packed with fruit and nuts and finished with a layer of delicious Cadbury chocolate, it’s the perfect snack for whatever your day holds. I love being on the go and pushing myself to try new things, whether it’s writing or a new business venture but no matter what, I always take time out of my week to do something that helps me relax, and for me that’s doing an exercise class or getting some fresh air with my dog Monty.”

But what’s the secret for those still struggling to find it? Brits believe it’s feeling confident in your decisions (44%), paying attention to your health (40%) and having your mind and body in perfect sync (37%). Also, despite 80% of Brits highlighting that a balanced life is important, more than one in four (27%) don’t think they could have achieved it without the lockdown, and with restrictions starting to ease 51% are worried about maintaining the perfect balance as life begins to return to normal.

To help Cadbury has partnered with Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence, who helps bust common health myths through evidence-based wellbeing content, to provide top tips that can easily be incorporated in daily routines to maintain a balanced life as we approach a ‘new norm’.

  1. Balance should never mean restriction or rules. It’s ok to unwind and treat yourself. Life is about enjoying both sides. Whilst the majority of your diet should be filled with lots of nutrient-rich foods to ensure you’re meeting your nutritional requirements and fueling your body correctly, there’s certainly a place for your favourite treats, and actually, incorporating them into your diet is key to making sustainable and balanced lifestyle changes.
  2. Balance means accessibility. Regular exercise is important, not just for the way you look, but to reap the rewards on your long-term health (reduced risk cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, mental health disorders, osteoporosis, degenerative brain diseases etc.). Make the exercise you do work for you and fit into your life, otherwise you might see it as a chore. Getting your body moving regularly is much more beneficial for your long-term health than the occasional grueling exercise session!
  3. Save time by doubling up your daily tasks. Meeting a friend for coffee? Why not get a get one to go and walk round the park, or invite them to your exercise class? Juggling everything in your life won’t seem so daunting if you combine the things you enjoy.
  4. All work and no play? We live in a society of ‘hustle culture’. Working from home and having our emails on our phones make us more accessible than ever. We often get to the weekend exhausted and then don’t spend our free time actually living. So set your boundaries, write a list of things you want to do with your life, activities you want to try, places you want to visit (when we’re allowed!) and people you want to spend more time with and schedule it in.
  5. Don’t forget some downtime. Rest and recovery is crucially important to balance alongside an active lifestyle. Sleep is often a neglected pillar of health and it’s important to prioritise getting at least 8 hours of good sleep every night as much as it is balancing other things in your life. Whether it’s a relaxing Bath, chilling out at home with your favourite Cadbury Nuttier bar, or getting an early night- whatever self-care looks like for you, it needs to be a non-negotiable. 


Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence, commented: “The lockdown restrictions have given us all a chance to slow down, take a breather and appreciate the simple things in life. As things begin to return to normal, don’t jump back into your old pre-lockdown life; now is the time to reset and keep up some of the good habits like daily fresh air, home cooking, more sleep all with the aim of striking a better balance in life.”

Lyndsey Homer, Brand Manager for Cadbury Nuttier at Mondelēz International said: “Cadbury Nuttier is one of the latest innovative products to join the Cadbury portfolio. For many, life was previously a whirlwind of work, social events, and family commitments. But lockdown meant that many of us slowed down, freeing up time they did not have before, and allowing them to focus on the things they enjoy and love the most. The Cadbury Nuttier range offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the best of both sides and live a life of balance. Whether they are looking for a bar packed with fibre or something a little sweeter, the Nuttier bar has something for everyone.”

Full of fibre, the new Cadbury Nuttier bars are available in three exciting flavours – Peanut & Almond, Cranberry, Almond & Peanut, Coconut & Almond – and are sure to provide the ultimate taste experience. So, whether you are looking for a sweet, smooth chocolatey treat, or an extra fruit and nutty boost during a busy day, you can now get your hands on a healthier alternative and a delicious snack that packs a punch.

Cadbury Nuttier bars are available from May in all major supermarkets nationwide as 40g single bar with an RRP of £1.19

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