Are We There Yet? What Kids Really Think About Car Journeys

Summer is officially upon us, and with one week to go till the summer holidays, families will be packing up the car, filling up the tank and grabbing the satnav in preparation for road trip season.

While parents have been itching to flee from the office and escape to the nearest beach, the thought of a long car journey with the kids could cause many to break out in a cold sweat as sounds of ‘Are we there yet?’ ring loudly.

Research by Europcar revealed that children aged 6-12 believe that when travelling to their UK destination, the journey should take 1 hour and 56 minutes. So how can we keep a brood of bored kids relaxed on a journey that is sure to last longer than that?

Parents can rely on technology as entertainment for their children as the research also revealed a tablet (60%) and smartphone (29%) were what kids wanted to take on holiday with them the most.

Seating arrangements also play a crucial part with 36% saying they’d most like to sit next to their mum during a car journey while just under a third said their dad. Sitting next to their best friend was a popular choice for 1 in 8 children while just under 1 in 10 said they’d most like to sit next to their dog.

Turning to the experts in this short video, the kids reveal what they really think of their car journeys.

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