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ghost whitelight perfume

Ghost Whitelight Perfume is a new addition to the iconic moon fragrance collection which currently includes best sellers Eclipse and Deep Night. The ethereal Ghost Whitelight Perfume is a stunning, unique fragrance. This addictive mix of fresh juicy pear and mandarin combined with jasmine, violet and patchouli and vanilla takes GHOST to sophisticated and contemporary new heights of elegance.

ghost whitelight perfume

Now, I have to confess, I fell in love with this fragrance almost immediately. I’m a huge fan of the Ghost fragrances and their iconic moon shaped bottle design anyway, so the packaging on this iridescent vessel of gorgeousness had me hooked from the start.

ghost whitelight perfume

The perfume itself is something really special. It is summery, light and delicate but with a pretty, powdery undertone. Something about this reminds me of Narciso Poudree, another scent that I’ve been loving this summer. You can read my thoughts on Narciso here.

Ghost Whitelight is one of those fragrances that I just know I’ll use time and time again. It is calming, summery and manages to combine the fruitiness of juicy pear and mandarin with floral tones perfectly. Finishing with just a hint of warm vanilla, the layers just seem to open up and develop as the day goes on.

You could easily wear Ghost Whitelight during the day as a casual perfume or apply it later in the evening as a romantic scent. The fact that it is so versatile means that you’ll definitely get the maximum amount of use from this one.

Priced at £25 30ml and £34 50ml. Ghost Whitelight is available exclusively at The Perfume Shop.

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