What to Bear in Mind when Choosing a New Vehicle

Honda CRV

The cars we drive are often the most expensive purchases we make in our lives. Buying one, whether it’s new or used, can be stressful – but it can also be exciting. Before you make the purchase, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve considered every relevant factor, and that you’re not going to end up saddled with regret later.

What should you have in mind?

Let’s run through the major considerations.


It’s a good idea to work out how much you have available to spend before you start looking at potential purchases. That way you won’t steer yourself toward the wrong decision early on in the process. If you end up falling in love with something that’s out of reach, then it can be difficult to fall out of love with it. So, work out your budget, and then go shopping.

Certain items, like new tyres, will make a difference, too. You can shop for new tyres online, and thereby keep your grip on the road, and your fuel efficiency, at maximum.

Long-term value

When you’re weighing the cost of any given vehicle, you should ensure that you factor in everything. That means not only the initial cost of the purchase, but ongoing costs associated with fuel and maintenance. You should also think about depreciation, and how easy you’ll find it to sell the vehicle.

Your lifestyle

A car that might work for a bachelor might be inappropriate for a family of four, and vice versa. When you’re thinking about the quality of a given car, you should really be thinking about how appropriate it is for the purpose for which you’re going to use it. If you’re putting in a lot of miles, then fuel efficiency might matter a lot, for example.

When to buy

Certain times of year make it easier to negotiate a discount with dealerships. This tends to be just before the month ends, or just before the license plates change. During these periods, dealers are heavily incentivised to get rid of their existing stock.

Try before you commit

Never buy a car if you haven’t yet had a chance to test-drive it. Pay attention to the way it handles, and make sure that you take it onto a variety of different road conditions. If your instinct tells you something, it usually pays to heed it. You don’t want to end up driving something that you have a problem with.

Petrol, diesel, or electric

There are many different options when it comes to fuel, and you’ll want to make your decision depending on the charging facilities at your home and nearby. Fuel costs are high at the moment, which makes this decision all the more significant.

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