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valentines day

Research by an online gift website recently found that for Valentine’s Day people would most like to receive gifts which are personal to them and with meaning, over flowers and chocolate. The research also found out some of the worst gifts you can buy a loved one, such as household items and appliances which are practical but unromantic gifts.

Some say Valentine’s Day is commercialised, but if you don’t get a gift for your significant other you can end up in the bad books. So what is a safe option for a gift? Research from online gift website, Personalised Gifts Shop has found that if you get your partner, something personal and with meaning, you’re going to end up in the good books this Valentines so here’s what you should look out for and what you should avoid.

valentines day

Personalised Jewellery – if you are thinking about buying a special piece of jewellery for a loved one then this is the perfect option. By personalising a piece of jewellery it really shows that you’ve thought about the person it is intended for. The perfect romantic finishing touch!

Personalised books and stationery – there’s nothing better than receiving a personalised version of one of your favourite novels. Whether that’s having initials engraved on the front or within the book itself, there are so many options to make this a truly memorable gift. A notebook or a special writing instrument that has been engraved would also go down a treat!

Monogrammed mugs and ceramics – you don’t need to buy something expensive to have it make an impression. Something as simple as a stylish mug or drinking glass with the recipients initial on shows a thoughtful and romantic intention.

valentines day

5 of the worst gifts you could get for Valentines Day

1. Half eaten, or empty boxes of chocolates even mouldy chocolates.

2. Household items such as a kettle or vacuum cleaner.

3. Kitchen items such as frying pans, or random food and drink.

4. Practical but boring gifts such as a car MOT or industrial sized washing-up liquid.

5. Insulting gifts such as slimming products and work out equipment.

Speaking about the research, Usha Patel, Operations Manager at Personalised Gifts Shop said:

“Our research shows people want a bit more thought from their partners when it comes to getting gifts. Recipient’s want something which means something to them, something personal, not just the generic chocolates and flowers. We were surprised though that not many people were bothered about receiving jewellery, however a good meal out is still a popular option, so you would be safe with that. However just don’t get your other half a washing machine or frying pan, that won’t go down well.”

She added:

“Sometimes you just need to put some thought into what you buy your partner, don’t leave it until the last minute and think about what the gift will mean to them. The great thing about our gifts is that they can be made personal to the recipient, such as adding dates with meaning, a romantic love note or something special between the couple. Even everyday items can be made special, whether its practical or household gifts, it won’t disappoint. “

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