Royally Delicious Foodie Treats To Try This Month

royal wedding

With the Royal Wedding firmly on the way, lots of brands have gone all out to create celebratory food and drink products to mark the occasion! Here are just a few that we’ve spotted so far. Let us know if you’ve found something else that we’ve missed from one of your fave brands!

royal wedding

To celebrate the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, premium hand-cooked English crisp brand Tyrrells has launched a new flavour of Veg Crisps: Ginger & Sparkle. The Parsnip Crisps are flavoured with a hint of ginger, sweet honey and added edible glitter, giving a celebratory feel for the royal wedding. Ginger & Sparkle Parsnip Crisps are on sale now in independent retailers at a RRP of £2.49. Tyrrells will also be running competitions on its Facebook page for fans to win packs and royal wedding party bundles.

Tyrrells prides itself on creating unique and memorable flavours for its range and Ginger & Sparkle is in keeping with Tyrrells’ signature style and will sit alongside the rest of Tyrrells’ award-winning Veg Crisps range for the month of May 2018.

Adam Draper, Marketing Director at Tyrrells Potato Crisps, said:

“The royal wedding is a massive event for the British public this year and, as a quintessentially British brand, who prides itself of creating delicious but quirky products – we wanted to go above and beyond to mark the occasion. Ginger & Sparkle Parsnip Crisps will become part of our core Veg Crisps range for the month of May, in celebration of the union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Joining our already established range of best-selling Veg Crisps, Ginger & Sparkle bring a royally regal feel and we hope the public enjoy them as much as we do.”

The Tyrrells Vegetable Crisp range is made with only the best quality veg. Once the veg arrives at Tyrrells, they are hand-cooked in small batches and then seasoned to perfection with only the finest, specially selected ingredients. The crisps boast a unique curl, Tyrrells’ signature crunch and superlative taste.

Limited Edition Markle Sparkle sparkling water and Still Harry from Malvern Water

Malvern is renowned for being the purest mineral water there is and that’s why, for five centuries, Royals have made it their drink of choice.

With the nation preparing to celebrate the latest Royal Wedding, Holywell Spring Water, who bottle water in Malvern, are offering an alternative to the usual bubbly.

It comes in the bottle shape of Limited Edition Markle Sparkle sparkling water and Still Harry, which is non-sparkling but still exciting in its own way.

The bottles will only be available in the week prior to the wedding in May. Commenting on the wedding water, Simon Smith on behalf of Visit The Malverns, said:

“Malvern grew up around its water and the Victorian water cure. We have over 150 wells throughout the area that people can visit and a great local business supplying Malvern Spring Water. With nine places called Malvern in the USA, we think this Anglo-American union deserves a celebratory special version of The Malverns finest bottled water.”

Malvern water’s royal connection dates back to the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth I is said to have drunk it in public. It was first offered for sale at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and Queen Victoria refused to travel without it.

Princess Mary of Adelaide and King George V both gave it a royal warrant while our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is also reported to have taken it travelling with her.


A Right Royal Ginger and Blueberry Bar from The Grown Up Chocolate Company

Celebrate Harry and Meghan’s big day with A RIGHT ROYAL GINGER & BLUEBERRY CHOCOLATE BAR from The Grown Up Chocolate Company. This exclusive, limited edition treat from the experts famous for reimagining the bars we loved as children, but for Grown Ups only, features a royally indulgent mix of ginger and blueberries, enrobed in decadent milk chocolate.

Handmade in Harlow from the highest quality ingredients (and a sprinkling of love), it’s the perfect accompaniment to any royal wedding celebrations! £3.50 (100g) from

Know of something else Royal Wedding themed that we should be mentioning here? Send us an email or leave us a comment and let us know!

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