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We love discovering new and exciting websites and shops online and each month we’ll be reviewing and featuring one of our favourite places to shop or browse whilst we’re supposed to be working! We most recently tested out Not Another Bill after being impressed with the idea of getting something lovely through the post on a regular basis, instead of the dreaded bills or other boring alternatives!

Over the years NotAnotherBill.Com have worked with incredible companies such as Penhaligon’s, Tatty Devine, Chase & Wonder and so many more!

Their meticulously created boxes could feature anything from art prints, bird boxes, jewelry, perfumes or a porcelain fish! Our first box contained an absolutely beautiful perfume set by Penhaligon’s and came perfectly packaged in printed tissue paper, along with a beautiful pocket square and temporary tattoo.

Not Another Bill

The concept behind the website is absolutely amazing, as getting gifts in the post is something that none of us would turn our noses up at. I love the idea of being able to treat yourself but I also think that this would make the perfect birthday gift idea as you can make sure that the recipient is getting something special, either as a one off or on a regular basis and you don’t even have to wrap the gift yourself! Which is kind of great, if you’re a bit impatient like me.

I was impressed by the quality of the product and also with the cost, which is outlined below and is really rather affordable for every budget, depending on how many months you’d like your gifting to run for!

When it comes to buying your subscription there are a two different options to choose from; you can either purchase the whole subscription length today:

1 month- £18
3 months- £60
6 months- £110
12 months- £210

Or if you would like to pay monthly, they offer a 3 month trial subscription for £55 which then continues at £17 per month thereafter.

(All prices also include postage and packaging)


About ‘Not Another Bill’

Opening the post box used to carry with it a bit of surprise. Who knew what handwritten letter you might have been sent or maybe one of your friends sent you a post card from a far-flung country. Unfortunately, in a world of emails and smart phones, that tends to be a rarity more than commonplace. Instead, the postman’s deliveries these days tend to be bills — all handed over like clockwork every month.

And so Not-Another-Bill is here to offer a glimmer of hope amongst the usual junk mail with the arrival of a monthly surprise gift specially curated and beautifully packaged. Subscribe for yourself or treat someone special to receive a collection of wonders each month, the product of collaborations between Not Another Bill and a number of up and coming and established designers, brands and artists.

Find out more and see for yourself:

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