Multi-destination holidays to consider

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Are you looking for a holiday where you can visit multiple places in the space of one trip? Post-covid many of us are more eager to travel than ever before and a multi-destination holiday could be the perfect way to do this. There are so many benefits to this type of trip including better value for money, getting to experience different cultures, and providing something for everyone.

If this sounds like the type of holiday for you, here are some of the options you could consider.


If you want to visit multiple locations but aren’t up for the logistical stress of planning the holiday, a cruise could be the perfect option. With the convenience of being able to jump on a cruise from Southampton and set sail straight away, you have very little to worry about.

Once you are on the cruise you have the advantage of being able to explore lots of different places without having to haul luggage around with you. On top of this, you can enjoy down days on the boat, ideal if you want a mixture of adventure and relaxation. This could be a good option if you are travelling with children and want to remove some of the stress that comes with a more traditional holiday.


If you are up for something more off the cuff, interrailing could be a good choice. Although it is typically popular with students and those on gap years, interrailing can be a great holiday for anyone. Interrailing is a great way to explore multi cities or even countries if you are on a budget. Once you have decided on which interrail pass to buy, you are then in full control of where you go and how much you spend on accommodation and food.

The main downside to interrailing is that you have to carry all your luggage on your travels, so consider whether this will hinder your experience or not.

Road trip

If you aren’t keen on travelling by train but still like the idea of planning your route and creating your own schedule, you should consider a road trip. Perfect if you want the balance of home comforts while also exploring new places. A road trip allows you to get off the beaten track and take in stunning views while you do so.

Although road trips are good for spontaneity, they do require some planning to make sure you’re prepared. You will need to be stocked up on the essentials before you travel so that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.


Maybe you’re looking to explore different locations whilst also staying active. If that is the case, then a cycling holiday could be just the ticket. If you’re a confident cyclist and happy to plan your route, then you could go on an independent cycling holiday.

If you are looking for something more structured and want to meet like-minded people, you could book onto a group cycling tour.

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