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Mercedes-Benz Perfume
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Mercedes-Benz is proud to announce the launch of its first fragrance for Women: A status, an attitude, the scent has all the qualities of a classic, all the signs of luxury, combined to create an attractive, alluring perfume.


The Fragrance

A fresh, powdery, floral perfume showcasing the creativity and modernity of the unusual accord of mimosa and violet. This contrasted composition confers authenticity and is at the heart of the fragrance’s strong olfactory signature and original character. It opens brightly with a hint of bergamot to pique curiosity and softened by juicy peach. After the fresh top notes the composition moves into a delicate floral heart; a voluptuous, luxurious bouquet of mimosa-violet, rose and lily-of-the-valley, sustained by a deep base of patchouli, white musk and vanilla.


The Bottle

The flacon is presented in smooth, transparent glass with provocative curves mirroring the shoulders or hips of a woman. The alluring bottle is delicately tactile and weighs reassuringly in the palm of the hand. Ultra-feminine, in a modern, stream-lined manner, the over-sized metal stopper completes the bottle. The star engraved in its centre echoes its more discreet counterpart in the bottom of the flacon.



This is a delicate and light fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. Whilst it’s not as long lasting as some of the fragrances we’ve tried lately, it has a luxurious quality and a gorgeous scent that more than makes up for the occasional re-spritz that you might have to give.

Perfect for lazy summer days on the beach and as a summer holiday fragrance pick! The bottle is simple, feminine and chic, the perfect match for the fragrance it encases.

Mercedes-Benz – Eau de Toilette 90ml, £70

Mercedes-Benz – Eau de Toilette 60ml, £55


Available exclusively at Harrods.

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