Just Because: Stationary To Brighten Up Winter

Even though the weather is taking a turn for the dull and dreary, and is becoming increasingly wintery, I’m still clinging on to a few of the little things that brighten up our day! I’m a huge stationary addict and I am obsessed with sending little cards, notes and hand-written messages for any and every reason possible!

Stationary obsessions

I love a good birthday card, thank-you card or note and have a huge stockpile building of cute, bright and breezy designs. Before Christmas really is upon us, I wanted to share some slightly less festive cards and writing sets with you, that might just help to brighten someone’s day, this October!

I have been loving browsing the Caroline Gardner website this month and have found some super-cute designs that would work really well if you were looking for a ‘just because’ note wring set or cards for any occasion.


These Parisian, on-trend cards are simply irresistible. The Ooh lala card is stylish and suitable for any occasion. In fact, you don’t even really need a reason to send this, just surprise a friend with one and make their day!


I love that this Well Hello card has a modern, nautical feel and is blank inside. Perfect for getting back in touch with someone you haven’t seen for a while, before your Christmas cards get hurriedly sent out this year.

My absolute FAVOURITE thing ever, has to be this stunning little mini card set. It even comes with little teeny tiny envelopes to tuck your card away in. These are such good quality and once again, I love the fact that they are completely versatile. Who says you need to have a reason to send a card?!

Check out these and more fabulous designs over at www.carolinegardner.com and get creative with your stationary this winter!

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