How to perfect your manicure during lockdown

After a long week at work or a particularly stressful couple of days, booking an appointment for a manicure at our favourite salon can certainly help to cheer us up. However, due to being in lockdown at the moment, it’s impossible to visit our much-loved beauticians. Instead, we’re having to tackle our talons on our own. If you’re longing to make your fingertips look funky again, here is some advice on how you can achieve salon-worthy nails – all from your own home.

Take care of your cuticles

While it is isn’t essential to push the nail bed back before you get started, it certainly does help to elongate the nails, making them look a lot nicer. If you do decide to push your cuticles back, ensure that you do it gently and carefully, so that you don’t leave an opening for bacteria. After this step, file and cut your nails into a shape that suits you, and buff them so that they’re ready for painting.

Achieve beautiful acrylics

Prefer longer nails or struggle to grow your own successfully? Then there is no doubt that acrylics are for you. The mixture of powder and liquid helps to create a hard, protective layer – and they can last for weeks! Don’t have all the tools at home? Don’t fear! With a range of fantastic acrylic nail kits for sale online, you can pick up all the essentials you need to complete your favourite look.

Stay stylish with Shellac

To complete your own Shellac manicure, all you’ll need is the right nail polish and a UV light, which again can be picked up easily online. Apply the Shellac polish just like regular nail varnish, but once you’ve done each nail, place your hand in the UV light machine for two minutes, so that you can bake the polish on to your nail. Ensure that you apply a base coat, two coats of the colour and a top coat to complete the stylish look.

Say yes to nail art

Which nail trend are you into at the moment? Artistic stripes? Dots? Animal prints? No matter your preference, it’s time to put your creative side into practice and get to work on some nail art. From rainbow stripes to jigsaw print patterns, working on these creations will certainly keep you busy.

Have you completed your own DIY manicure yet?

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