3 Reasons Why Organic Beauty Products Are Better for You

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A recent report highlighted how one family received $72 million in damages from Johnson & Johnson after it was confirmed that her death from ovarian cancer could be linked to her using their talc-based products for many years.  And this isn’t the only news story or health scare to warn against the use of beauty products that use a variety of different chemicals. From parabens to other toxic mixtures, these concoctions are definitely worth avoiding.

Organic products moisturise, exfoliate, tone and cleanse your skin without the need for these dangerous additives and chemicals. And here are some other good reasons to switch to organic well-being products:

1. They’re Better for Your Skin and Health

Even though you may be slathering products on the outside of your body, on your skin, these are eventually absorbed by your body. This means your body could be absorbing toxins on a daily basis. Some beauty products containing chemicals have never been tested to see what potentially harmful effects they could be having! Organic-based products contain none of these harmful ingredients, so you’re only feeding your body natural, healthy things – rather like when you eat organic produce.

2. They’re More Effective

You can liken using organic beauty products to cooking organic food from scratch. The best dishes don’t contain any processed foods or artificial flavours – they’re jam-packed full of tasty, fresh ingredients. And it’s just like this with beauty products – better ingredients offer far more beneficial results. Furthermore, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll benefit from these types of ingredients as there’s nothing harsh to aggravate your skin.

3. They’re Good for the Environment

While this point isn’t directly related to your health per se, it will have an overall impact on your well-being. When we use beauty products, we don’t often think about the effect they’re having on the environment (unless we’re incredibly eco-conscious). However, when you start to ask questions about the products you’re using, it can pose some awkward answers.

For example, is the packaging recyclable? What happens if the chemicals get into your drains? Will the product affect the ecosystem or water supply? This environmental impact can be significantly reduced, or perhaps even eliminated, when you’re using organic beauty products. You won’t need to worry about washing any chemicals down the drain because there won’t be any, and, for added peace of mind, you can also keep an eye out for organic products that are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers and local farms. Also, check for recyclable packaging.

Now, if all these reasons aren’t enough to make you at least try organic products, we don’t what is!

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