How To Create An Instagram Worthy Festival Experience In 2022

Having an aesthetically pleasing social media presence is something that many work to attain. Planning out the perfect post and doing what you can to achieve it is all something that many have thought about. You don’t have to be an influencer to care about the image you give in the online sphere.

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It goes without saying, but festivals provide an aesthetic backdrop for photos; one quick search on social media can prove this! After a two-year hiatus, festivals have slowly begun to make their comeback, and we feel confident in saying that many people are eager to get back to their favourite festival in 2022 and for more than just to enjoy the artists that will be present.

If you are in the position where you are looking to make your upcoming festival experience one that can be plastered all over your Instagram account, you have found yourself in the right place. We have created a how-to list below, giving you inspiration on how you can create those perfect photo opportunities. Read on for more!

Insta-Worthy Wardrobe

Planning aesthetic festival outfits is something that many people do when organising their upcoming trips. This industry has taken off in recent years, with clothes designers and suppliers creating an entire festival range. While there is no one-size-fits-all method for finding the right outfit, for it is down to individual tastes, you should explore your options before deciding on the one.

Instagram itself can give you inspiration on festival outfits, and more often than not, it provides you with the links to the products. Plan a different outfit for each day, and if you want to go even further and maximise how many aesthetic photos you get, plan for outfit changes throughout the day. You will both be looking and feeling good and standing out from the crowd; what more could you want?

Think the likes of bold colours and patterns and material that reflects the strobe lights that are often used at festival stages. Glitter and face gems have also become increasingly popular in recent years, and finish off your outfit in the right way. You will certainly be looking aesthetic and turning heads wherever you go!

Choose Aesthetic Accommodation

Camping is a big part of attending a festival but might not appear all that aesthetic at first glance. From pitching a tent to sheltering from the wind and rain, it is not something that you want to present to your followers when creating an aesthetic festival post. While you might not have considered this part of your plans, due to focusing on other parts of your aesthetic experience, this is undoubtedly something that needs some thought too.

Glamping tent hire gives you the opportunity to camp at the festival itself but offers you the level of luxury and comfort that you would not usually get at the standard camping levels. Not only will you have access to beauty bars to get yourself looking your best, but you will also be able to get a better night’s sleep than you would in standard camping. Definitely worth looking into when wanting to create an aesthetic festival experience, both in 2022 and beyond.

Have The Right Equipment

Taking the right photo is a knack. Some people have mastered taking selfies and know what angles make them look their best, but when wanting to take aesthetic photos at festivals, you should be thinking beyond that. Taking your phone with you to a festival is a must; not only will you be using it to snap photos of your experience, but you will need it in order to get hold of other people. Not to mention updating your Instagram story for your followers, depicting how much fun you are having!

If you are someone who dabbles with photo and video editing, nothing stops you from taking a camera or GoPro with you to the festival as well. The quality of your aesthetic photos will be much higher than if they were taken on a phone, and you can enjoy reliving these moments when you run through the edits post-festival. What better way to beat those festival blues?

At the same time, it is worth thinking about where you will be storing this equipment when you are not using it. The last thing you want is to take an expensive camera with you to a festival, only to find it has been misplaced. Ensure you have plans in place of where to store your belongings and limit the number of people you tell.

Creating an aesthetic experience at a festival might appear a bit of a task at first, but it is not impossible and is a challenge worth undertaking! Not only will you come away with fond memories and Instagram worthy photos, but you will have a foundation to work from for your next festival. You never know; you might even inspire people following your Instagram account to follow suit.


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