How to Host a Retro-Inspired Party

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Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or you’re just inviting some friends round but want to add a twist to the evening, a retro-inspired event where putting on some vinyl records and drinking cocktails at home can provide plenty of entertainment for everyone – young and old. Here are some ideas that’ll have your party rocking and rolling in no time at all:

Pick a Theme

First, decide what type of ‘retro’ party you’re going to host.  For example, you could opt for a vintage diner style theme, with classic American features and even waitresses on rollerblades. Or you could try a Tiki party (these were huge in the 50s), a sock hop or cool cocktail party – the possibilities are endless.

Serve 1950s Food

If you’re going to make this experience as authentic as possible, it’s imperative you’ve got some 1950s food on offer. You’ll find plenty of inspiration online but if you’re just thinking of doing a buffet, start with devilled eggs, hamburgers and hotdogs, French fries, fruit on skewers, jelly, pineapple upside down cake, banana splits, fondue, root beer, milkshakes, soda and so on.

Have Cocktails on Tap

From a classic Pina Colada to an elegant Pink Lady, cocktails can really help bring your theme together and add a fun element to the evening. Other ideas include a Singapore Sling, White Russian, Manhattan, Whisky Sour and Screwdriver.

Play Music in the Old-Fashioned Way

If you’ve got a record player or know someone who has, nothing’s going to inject a retro vibe into your party more than some good old-fashioned vinyl records. And the best bit?  You don’t have to limit yourself to music from days gone by as you can still buy modern tracks on vintage-style records. Win, win!

Entertain Guests with Retro Games

To really help people relive their childhood (or have a go at games that they’ve never played before), why not set up a corner of a room with some fun, traditional family games? These include Battleship, Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Twister. Or, you could get everyone involved in a limbo contest, a music competition or trivia questions about the 1950s.

Make It Fancy Dress

To really add those all-important finishing touches to the evening, make fancy dress compulsory for your guests (if you know they’ll be up for it). For Tiki parties, you’ll want to see Hawaiian dresses, shirts and other colourful accessories. And for other types of 1950s parties, pencil skirts, circle skirts, slim-fitting sweaters, pearls and some crinoline (of course) will do the trick for the ladies, while men need only look at the ‘Teddy Boys’ for some fabulous inspiration.

When all of these aspects are combined, your retro-inspired party is sure to be a night to remember.

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