3 Items of Clothing that Will Get You Through the Seasons

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Despite the fact the British weather has been remarkably warm over the past few weeks or so, none of us are resting on our laurels just yet. Any Brit will tell you that predicting the weather is like playing the lottery – you never know what you’re going to get. And this makes it incredibly hard to pick out an outfit that can adapt to these ever-changing seasons.

For example, while it may look safe to don a beautiful summery dress one morning, there are no guarantees you won’t be caught in a huge downpour later on in the afternoon.
So, here are 3 items of clothing that should help you get through the day – whatever the weather:

1. Denim Jeans

OK, so these might not be ideal when the temperature’s sweltering outside but when it’s a cloudy, hit-and-miss kinda day, they’re ideal for accompanying a variety of different tops. For example, if the weather seems warm, a strappy top works perfectly with them. Simply throw a cardigan or jumper in your bag and you’re ready if the temperature does start to dip but without being too warm if it doesn’t.

2. Lightweight Jackets

When you’re heading out for the day, the last thing you need is to get caught out if the heavens open. That’s why it’s always handy to have a lightweight jacket on standby. Blazers are great if you want to look smart, but a light puffer jacket is the perfect companion for all the seasons. Not only will it help keep you warm through the winter when you’re wrapped up in lots of layers but it’s also cooler than most winter jackets, making it ideal for summer too.

3. Pair of White Trainers

Whether they’re a casual pair of pumps or the latest on-trend trainers, these are great for teaming with a variety of outfits while also being wonderfully adaptable to changing weather.
Add to jeans and a t-shirt for a casual day out or style them with a dress to enjoy a great alternative to sandals or heels. Then, should rain stop play, you won’t be squelching around in your flip-flops or sandals for the rest of the day.

The good thing about all of these items (along with those other all-important staple pieces, e.g. the white t-shirt, casual dress and classic handbag) is they’ll adapt to each and every season. So if you want to splash out on a designer coat or pair of trainers, you’re not limiting yourself to one season (which may never come!).

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