Christmas Gift Guide: Spotlight on VAIN STHLM In-Ear Headphones

VAIN STHLM, a new audio brand from Stockholm, Sweden, has launched its début range of high quality, high fashion in-ear headphones. VAIN STHLM Originals are available in a range of six different shades, with subtle copper detail invoking the brand’s Swedish heritage, while underlining its fashionista credentials. Tuned in Sweden, the VAIN STHLM Originals range delivers a superior audio experience, with deep, heavy bass, excellent treble and a perfectly balanced mid-range. Designed as the ideal accessory for style-conscious music-loving individuals, VAIN STHLM Originals are available at Harrods or you can buy online at for £62.50. Presented in a stylish, copper-coloured metallic carry case with contemporary, elegant packaging.


VAIN STHLM Originals have been over a year in the making and represent the quest of brothers Mathias and Michael Klingvall, to merge beautiful sound with beautiful design. Employing typically Scandinavian, minimal design and attention to detail, the range perfectly blends fashion and functionality. VAIN STHLM Originals are designed to always be with you, a portable music solution in your pocket, easy to access in a stylish, metallic carry case. All VAIN STHLM models are constructed for a modern lifestyle; a remote control / microphone allows you to control your phone calls and music playlist at the touch of a button. The ear-pieces are magnetic, a smart feature that allows you to connect them around your neck when not in use and avoid unwanted tangles.


The 49” tangle resistant, fabric cord is designed to be the same colour as the ear-piece, with interwoven copper-coloured strips, adding style and individuality. The 3.5mm gold plated plug is compatible with all modern mobile phones and audio devices. VAIN STHLM Originals are available in attractive pastel shades through to darker tones; Broken White, Cloudy Grey, Dusty Pink, Frozen Green, Raw Umber and Lazy Black.


The rose gold and white design make these perfectly on trend this season and the gorgeous tin is both stylish and practical. Great for popping in your bag or to take away on your holidays. The sound quality from these little beauties is crystal clear and they certainly haven’t scraped on functionality in the name of style. VAIN STHLM In-Ear Headphones are the perfect combination of chic design and amazing sound. Get them in Harrods for £62.50 and find out more via:

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