Camden Market Hawley Wharf | five top Autumn dishes

From pink and blue burgers to long doughnuts; photogenic comfort food features high on the menus at Camden Market Hawley Wharf, this October. We’ve rounded up the five hottest dishes currently available at London’s latest dining destination; guaranteed to brighten darker days and light up the city’s feeds.

  1. I Love Burger London’s pink and blue burgers. Who says burger buns need to be beige? Beat the winter blues with the prettiest coloured burger buns cooked with natural colouring to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. And the burgers taste as good as they look with succulent fried chicken, beef and vegan Beyond Meat options available with all the garnishes.  From £7.50 you can customise your bright burgers with additions for as little as a pound.


  1. Camden Market Hawley Wharf offers a unique Middle Eastern Steakhouse, The Black Cow, selling its ultimate show-stopping comfort dish – the Casbah. Cut into the light and flaky brick pastry to discover melt-in-the-mouth spiced pulled steak and a cascade of Monterey Jack cheese, soft egg and harissa and truffle oil for only £13. Rock the Casbah.


  1. The days may be getting shorter, but the doughnuts are getting longer at Camden Market Hawley Wharf. Longboys gives traditional round doughnuts the finger, combining a lighter brioche base with fresh fillings such as Raspberry Rose Lychee and Pandan Coconut to create a doughnut that’s long on taste and short on over-the-top sweetness. For £3.90 each.


  1. 2 Lads Kitchen brings authentic Afghan street food and its famous Afghan wrap to the heart of Camden. Packed with juicy skewers of lamb fillets or barbecued chicken thigh grilled on charcoal, wrapped in Afghan fresh clay oven naan and served with seasoned potatoes, mixed salad, green secret sauce and a cool black pepper yoghurt, the wrap has a cult-like following across the city. For £8.


  1. Tsujiri’s Matcha latte with Kuromitsu Warabi Mochi is an all-time favourite with brown sugar torori and cassava starch; textured like drinkable-mochi or custard, with vegan milk alternatives available. Not only does the latte taste like a warm hug it looks gorgeous on the gram. A matcha made in heaven.


If these top five dishes have made you hungry, head to Camden Market Hawley Wharf to discover more unique dishes from all over the world.



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