Autumn Home Decor And Flooring Trends

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With Summer officially over it’s time to look towards the darker nights, bonfires, conker picking and all round autumnal activities But what does this mean for the interiors of your home? A lot actually! With so many sweeping trends over the months, lets take a look at those that are still shining at the latter end of the year.

Lets kick them off right at the bottom, your floor. When you think of the colder months drawing near you probably think of how you’re going to make your home nice and toasty – without a huge heating bill! Well, in order to keep your toes warm why not invest in a rug? The current trends in the rug world of materials are things like faux fur, sheepskin and big shaggy rugs. Think Game of Thrones or the incredibly popular Scandinavian decor trend that everyone seems to love at the moment. Colour wise, people are really digging natural and earthy tones, as well as the ever faithful grey trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast!

Another trend in the world of rugs seems to be those that contain patterns, especially geometric and Persian ones! These can be quite an acquired taste but given the right setting they fit like a glove! To create indisputable comfort, why not layer multiple patterned rugs and create a really unique floor in the process?

autumn home decor

In terms of other forms of room decor and tips for getting your room ready for the upcoming months, here are a few pointers:

Modern Rustic Minimalism – This trend seems to have been a particular favourite over the course of the year and it’s shown no signs of losing popularity. It’s basically a concept of “less is more” and seems to be popular amongst those who crave products that have been produced in a natural, sustainable manner. Therefore we can expect to see an increase in the demand of modern minimalistic pieces in the home.

Darker Tones – Keeping in line with the wintry feel of the upcoming months, darker tones are a key player in the trend train this Autumn. We’re talking dark plum, rich berry red and even throwing a little navy into the mix. These tones not only fit the mood of the weather but they ooze sophistication and dramatic effects.

Candles – you can never go wrong with candles! Turn down all the lights and sit by the TV with a flickering flame, does it get any cosier?! If you want to fully focus on your lighting then why not think of purchasing a dimming lamp, that way you can create the perfect ambience on those miserable nights.

Throws & Blankets – As a rule of thumb, one can never have too many throws! Think of the softest plushest materials that you possibly can, then imagine them wrapped around you while you’re all snuggled on the sofa – amazing! The most autumn friendly throws in our opinion are the chunky knit ones, they scream cosy!

Furniture Placement – It may not seem like an important thing to consider but where your furniture sits in the room can have a massive effect on the mood. It’s been said that in order to create a cosy atmosphere you should avoid pushing sofas and chairs back against the walls and instead pull them forward and closer together so that they surround a focal point, for example a fireplace. This gives you the feeling of closure with one another and can bring a lot more warmth to the room.

Of course there are some trends running over from the summer months but taking a darker twist, for example; botanicals were the one to watch this year and the same goes for the upcoming winter months. Only these flowers take a bit of a dark turn, keep an eye out for bright busy patterns ‘popping’ from dark, matte tones.

The industrial effect was also a huge influence on interiors this year, that looks set to die out but not before remake the most of it! The metallic and copper tones make for perfect accompaniments to the different materials that will be floating around your home this autumn. In fact, you can even sass them up a little by wrapping fairy lights around the different features – nothing makes a room cosy quite like fairy lights!

So there you have it, just a few of the boldest and cosiest autumn home decor trends that can help transform your home into your own personal log cabin this autumn!

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