7 Amazing New York Activities You Need To Experience!

If you are headed to NYC any time soon then you’ve no doubt researched lots of different things to do in the city. Having just returned from our second amazing trip, I thought I’d write a handy New York Activities feature to offer up some of the most exciting things you can do when visiting The Big Apple.


Get The Best Views From ‘Top of the Rock’

Controversially (perhaps? ) we’ve always found the view and experience at the Rockefeller center  to be much better than that of the Empire State building. There are less waiting times, the experience is a lot more fun and the view from the top is breathtaking. Although the Empire State is an iconic thing to do in NYC, perhaps try doing one at night and one during the day for different views and pictures. We found Empire State to be quite busy in the evening, but that’s probably subject to change depending on the day/time of year you go.

coney island

Take A Trip To Coney Island

On our second visit to NYC we decided that we wanted to explore a little more of the surrounding area. We rode the subway for about 45 minutes from central Manhattan to Coney Island and had the most amazing day! You can wander along the boardwalk and do some shopping for touristy bits or take in a theme park if you are feeling adventurous. You don’t need to buy tickets to enter Luna Park so it’s worth wandering around it first and seeing if there are rides that you want to experience.

coney island

You’ll find lots of brilliant food and drink options at Coney Island, so expect a sugar overload as there are so many sweet treats to try in particular! You’ll also find the classic Nathan’s hot-dog restaurants where you can grab hotdogs, corndogs and chilli cheese fries to name but a few. There is also plenty of fresh seafood on offer from so many other restaurants.

nathans coney island

Spend some time people watching on the boardwalk (there are definitely some colourful characters about!) before heading onto the beach to dip your toes in the sea.

coney island sea

All in all, this is a really fun day out for the whole family! Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen as the sea breeze can leave it feeling a little cooler than it really is and it is so easy to get a touch of sunburn if you’re not careful. Find out more: www.coneyisland.com

phantom broadway

The Phantom of the Opera – Experience The Magic Of A Broadway Show

There is nothing quite like the magic of experiencing a show on Broadway. The bright lights, the sounds and the general vibe is unbeatable. Our absolute ‘must-see’ if you only have time to take in one Broadway show has to be The Phantom of the Opera. There is absolutely nothing like the spectacle of this long-running Broadway musical and I promise you, you’ll enjoy every second of this fan favourite!


The show is an absolute thrill from start to finish. The subtle differences between the UK theatre show and the movie, have made it my all-time favourite version of Phantom of the Opera that I have ever seen. Phantom on Broadway will leave you breathless! The costumes are decadent and full of detail and the casting is nothing short of perfection. The Chemistry between the Phantom and Christine is completely captivating and when the cast perform the iconic Masquerade scene, you’ll be glued to your seat in absolute awe.


You can buy tickets in advance or try your luck from the ticket office during your stay. Personally I would recommend booking in order to get the best seats possible as sitting close to the stage will only heighten your experience. Find out more: http://us.thephantomoftheopera.com

brooklyn bridge

Take A Walk Over The Brooklyn Bridge

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and in to Dumbo for a morning of exploring. The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge itself is fairly steady and can be done in around 30 minutes but if its a hot day, you will need to take a bottle of water with you! The views as you wander across are absolutely amazing.

brooklyn bridge

The architecture of the bridge is wonderful so be sure to make a few stops along the way to really look up and over the sides to see all of the intricate details and the nuts and bolts that make such a hugely impressive landmark.

new york thrift stores

Hunt For Bargains By Exploring Thrift Stores & Flea Markets

One thing we decided to do on our most recent visit to NYC was to explore some flea markets and thrift stores in hunt of a bargain or two. You can find them all over the city but the two main flea markets we hit up were Brooklyn Flee in Soho and Artists and Fleas.


We didn’t pick up much ourselves this time but there were plenty of stalls to explore and lots of different items such as clothing, jewellery and furniture to rummage through. A really great alternative to shopping in some of the larger chain stores and a fantastic experience!

yankee stadium

Whether You’re A Sports Fan or Not – Go And See A Yankees Game!

Whether you are a Yankees fan or not, you absolutely must take in a ball game when you visit NYC. Take the subway from Manhattan into the Bronx and you’ll be there in about 25 minutes. The atmosphere is electric and you can grab a beer, put your feet up and and enjoy a game with family and friends.

yankees game

We just happened to get tickets to one of the biggest events of last year when Alex Rodriguez played his final game. The stadium was absolutely packed and the crowd was in high-spirits so it made everything even more intense! This is ideal for a date night or as a family trip.

central park

Make Like A Local And Spend The Day In Central Park

Central Park is one of the best known and loved NYC attractions. You can easily spend a whole day there wandering around. Take a picnic and a blanket with you, or stop at one of the eateries along the way for lunch.

central park lake One of the really fun things we did at Central Park was to hire a row boat for an hour and get out on the lake. This was easily the highlight of our day. Considering none of us had ever rowed before, it was certainly a challenge too! Everyone out on the lake was friendly, relaxed and having a fantastic time so whenever anyone passed us by we always got a friendly wave and smile. The summer sun was out and everyone was loving being on the water.

central park

There is so much to explore that you definitely won’t get bored. Remember to wear comfy trainers as the park is very spread out and you’ll want to make the most of your time there by wandering around and seeing as many different areas as possible.

Hopefully you enjoyed this feature, if there’s anything you want to know leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help! Read more of our travel articles here.



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