6 tips to naturally whiten your teeth

Getting and sustaining a 100-megawatt smile is easier than you think. Topping up your daily dental health with a few easy tricks can lead to a brighter and healthier-looking smile in no time.
London Smiling’s Dr. Uchenna Okoye qualified at the prestigious Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London and was the resident dentist on Channel 4’s 10 Year’s Younger – so, it’s safe to say she knows about keeping pearly whites, white. Today, she’s bringing us her top six tips naturally whiten your teeth:

1. Dental floss – dental floss should be your best friend. It helps remove the plaque in between your teeth that stains stick to, which age the look of the teeth.

2. Strawberries – mash the strawberries and brush on your teeth or sprinkle a little baking soda and make a paste. High in vitamin C, scrubbing the teeth down with strawberries breaks down plaque and its malic acid removes surface stains. Do not do this more than once a week.

3. Go on a white-teeth diet – red wine, coffee and cigarettes all stain the teeth. Ditching this unholy dental trinity (and colas, dark juices, and gravy while you’re at it) will help minimise discolouration.

4. Eating detergent food – don’t snack on Tide Pods. Instead, if you know you can’t brush in-between meals, take a bite on raw carrots, apples, celery, and popcorn. These all help clean teeth as they’re eaten.

5. Chuck your toothbrush – an easy switch to your routine. Keep on top of your toothbrush and change at least every two to three months! Otherwise, your toothbrush will act as an uberPOOL for a grab-bag of bacteria from previous brushing.

6. See your hygienist – people underestimate the power of a hygienist appointment – you’ll be surprised at how white your teeth look after a professional clean. Ask your hygienist for a jet wash treatment. This uses clinical bicarbonate of soda to gently blast away surface stains.

LONDON SMILING is a private dental practice that aims to treat the whole person and look after not only your dental health, but overall wellbeing; and offers a holistic approach that embraces both new and traditional approach for all types of dental issues. Offering both dental and cosmetic procedures for their guests (not ‘patients’).

The practice is headed by the UK’s best known cosmetic dental expert and Channel 4’s celebrity dentist for 10 Years Younger, Dr. Uchenna Okoye. Locations all over London, in Gloucester Road, Goodge Street, and the iconic Harley Street. Visit www.londonsmiling.com for more info.

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