3 Budget Friendly Winter Wines from Aldi

Winter Wines

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which wine you feel like; a robust red, a refreshing white or a delicately sweet and fruity rosé all match different moods and occasions – which is why Aldi has launched the latest addition to its popular Grapevine range. The three-strong range now boasts a red, a white and a rosé – and at just £3.29 each, the whole lot can be scooped up for under £10 – so there’s no need to choose between them!

Winter Wines

These wines are budget friendly, refreshing and delicious as a winter tipple. Our absolute top pick for winter has to be the full bodied, fruity and warm Grapevine Merlot. Perfect for those long, cold winter evenings and lovely with a cheese platter and some fresh crusty bread. Are you drooling yet?! Take a look at more info on the individual wines below.

Grapevine Tempranillo Garnacha Rosé (£3.29, 75cl)

A brand new addition to the range, this bright and fruity rosé wine is perfect for those looking for a refreshing tipple. Bursting with flavours of strawberries and red cherry, it’s ideal for summer sipping in the garden, or to enjoy at a fun girl’s night in.
Grapevine Merlot (£3.29, 75cl)

Nothing beats an indulgent glass of red wine when you’re in the mood to relax. This classic Merlot is packed full of juicy plums and black cherries. Succulent and smooth, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in.
Grapevine Chardonnay (£3.29, 75cl)

This easy drinking Chardonnay is ripe and fruity, with classic flavours of apple and peach. A lovely match to fish and white meats, it’s the perfect bottle to take to a dinner party or to drink with friends.

With party season fast approaching, the fantastic Grapevine range now boasts something to suit all tastes, so you can stock up for everyone without breaking the bank!

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