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I love tracking down new and exciting winter beauty products and stumbling across a hidden gem, so when I was asked if I would like to take a look at some skincare products from Flint + Flint, I jumped at the chance! The entrepreneurs behind the Skin Health Spa skin clinic have created a unique range of nine products to revolutionise any skin care regime.

Winter Beauty Hero: Flint + Flint

The affordable winter beauty range, which is all made in England, varies from between £12 and £48 offers a complete range of solutions for moisturising, cleansing and protecting any skin type. The packaging is stylish and fun, with a slightly edgy coolness to it and I love the bright neon splashes of colour on the boxes.

The Moisturiser – £32 for 50ml

A hydrating and protecting moisturiser that is suitable for daily use on all skin types, containing Glycofilm®, red raspberry seed oil and EUK-134 Cascading Antioxidant System.

Glycofilm® forms a protective second skin providing the skin with a natural face shield, preventing attack from free radicals and environmental damage throughout the day.

Added red raspberry seed oil contains high levels of vitamin E, helping it to form a conditioning lipid barrier providing further protection and moisture retention for the skin.

EUK-134 Cascading Antioxidant System protects skin tissue against reactive gases and recycles itself to combat oxidative stress, making this moisturiser one of the most effective on the market.

The Moisturiser x 3 – £42 for 50ml
A triple action nourishing moisturiser, shown in clinical studies to increase skin firmness and elasticity, that is suitable for daily use on all skin types. Containing hyaluronic acid, retinal palmitate and Elestan™.

Hyaluronic acid helps the moisture penetrate the deeper layers of skin, improving biomechanical properties. This results in plumper skin and boosted collagen, improving skin tonicity and restoring water balance.

Active ingredient Retinyl Palmitate increases cell production making skin look younger, smoother and reducing sun damage pigmentation. Collagen production can also be increased making skin look plumper.

Elestan™ is an advanced anti-ageing active ingredient preserving the skin’s youth and recovers firmer and more elastic skin with its anti-elastase properties, anti-glycation effect and stimulation of production of elastin.

Serum – £48 for 50ml
An energising, nourishing and repairing serum for use under moisturiser for all skin types. Active ingredients include atoligomer, borage oil and AA2G.
Atoligomer stimulates the vitality of skin cells, reinforcing viability and vitality of the skin.

Borage oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and one of the most prolific sources of Omega 6 – vital in the production of the body’s regulatory hormones and shown to be effective in the treatment of dry and damaged skin tissue.

Active ingredient AA2G is a natural vitamin C, that dramatically brightens dull looking skin whilst reversing the signs of ageing and providing protection from the harmful effects of the sun.

SPF 30 Primer – £25 for 50ml

This is one of my favourite products. It goes on easily and isn’t sticky or greasy at all. A defensive primer for protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UV rays. Containing Venuceane™, Mongongo oil and OSILIFT®.

Venuceane™, which fights IR (Infra Red) induced samples, also lessens inflammatory conditions, improves hydration and maintains and limits wrinkle formation.

This is complemented by the addition of Mongongo oil, used for thousands of years by the Bushmen of the Kalahari to protect their skin. This oil reacts rapidly with UV light to form in to a protective layer for the skin. The high amounts of vitamin E provide excellent antioxidant properties.

OSILIFT®, a natural sugar from purified oat extracts, has a tightening effect on the skin and provides a short and long-term anti-wrinkle effect, improving the hold of make-up on the skin.

Glycolic Cleanser – £30 for 100ml

A glycolic enriched face and neck cleanser for all skin types. Containing glycolic acid, bisabolol and DEFENSIL®.

Glycolic acid is a natural ingredient which helps to gradually and gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, bring new, fresh skin to the surface. It also benefits pigmentation, sun or age spots and relieves congestion such as blackheads or clogged pores.

The product contains bisabolol which protects and heals the skin from the effects of daily stress. This naturally occurring active ingredient accelerates the healing process of the skin.

DEFENSIL® is a skin conditioning agent that normalises sensitive skin by soothing irritated, inflamed and red areas. The cardiospermum within the agent harmonises and protects irritated skin and the stearidonic acid present in echium oil protects and strengthens skin.

Everyday Wash – £27 for 100ml

A daily face and neck deep cleanser for all skin types. Containing glycolic acid, Moringa oil and Vital ET™ to produce a high performance every day cleanser for face and neck.

The low, ever day level of glycol acid (2%) helps to gradually remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is beneficial for anti-ageing, pigmentation, sun or age spots and to relive congestion such as blackheads or clogged pores.

The Moringa Oil extracted from the seeds of the Moringa Tree is an excellent natural cleanser, lifting dirt and grime from the skin.

Complemented by the Vital ET™, a unique bio-functional form of vitamin E, delivering proven anti-inflammatory benefitsq

Exfoliator x 2 – £30 for 75ml

A double action skin polishing exfoliator for all skin types containing salicylic acid, Jojoba oil and micro scrub particles.

Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid used to purify the skin and for anti-acne applications.

Jojoba Oil is highly penetrative and enhances the skins natural suppleness and elasticity. It is suitable for all skin types and has a natural affinity to the skins sebum, rebalancing and cleansing the skin.

Microscrub particles plough away dead surface skin cells to reveal brighter younger looking skin.

Eye Hero – £37 for 15ml

A brightening, smoothing cream for eyes and deep wrinkles containing active ingredients EYESERYL®, Beautifeye™ and Gransil DMCM-5.

Proven to reduce puffy eyes, EYESERYL® acts fast, and in just 15 days clears the eyes of any swelling. This is complemented by Beautifeye™ which helps to rejuvenate the eyes by combating wrinkles, dark circles and bags and, for the first time, by lifting the upper eyelids, reducing the signs of fatigue.

Finally, Gransil DMCM-5 provides an instant soft focus effect, giving wrinkle blurring property to lines and wrinkles in addition to added cushion and sensory feel.

Lip Hero – £12 for 15ml

A smoothing, replenishing and hydrating winter beauty balm for lips containing Maxi-Lip, Volulip™ and Baobab oil . Maxi-Lip is a natural peptide proven to stimulate collagen within the lips and deliver restructuring and moisturising properties, redensifying the connective tissue. The result is more voluptuous lips with a clearer outline.

Volulip™ combines a natural peptide with Portulaca Pilosa extract to improve the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible impact on lip shape. Lip volume is increased, with an anti-ageing and anti-sagging effect. Hydration and softness is improved.

Finally, Baobab oil, famous for its strong moisturising properties contains almost equal measures of palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, as well as vitamins A, D and E.

The products have been created by skin care experts Maxine and Adam Flint who put their twenty years combined industry experience and over one million treatments in their clinics into the range after deciding that the majority of products on the market are ineffective, over-packaged and over-priced.

Maxine Flint said; “It was important to us to create a series of simple products using active ingredients that are easy to use, not crazily priced and most importantly really work. We think this is exactly what we have achieved with Flint + Flint. It’s a small range that works for all skin types, taking the confusion out of any skin care regime and we are so convinced that it works that we’re offering a full refund to anyone who is not completely satisfied.”

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