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The Youtuber popularity boom shows no sign of slowing down, and as we make our way closer to 2015 you can expect to see lots more new and exciting products being released by your favourite vloggers. I’m a huge fan of so many youtube channels and am ‘subscribed’ to a big old list. OK, so I’m in my 30’s and maybe I’m not the typical ‘target audience’ but I think that settling down of an evening and getting cosy with my teenage daughter to tune in for the latest uploads is a great way to relax and be genuinely entertained. In short, move over Kardashians (probably not the best time to confess that I do actually watch that show religiously as well! Cough-cough) the Youtube generation is the hottest thing in reality TV right now.

One of the latest developments has been for Youtube personalities to release their own merchandise and even receive fantastic book deals. With that in mind, here are just a few of our top gifts that you might like to give to your friends and family this year, or to add to your own Christmas lists!
Dry Shampoo
COLAB™ is a breakthrough in dry shampoo couture. At the heart of the product is a revolutionary SHEER & INVISIBLE dry shampoo formula made available in a range of exquisite fragrances. It is the creation of an infl uential collective of beauty insiders, led by Ruth Crilly, international model and founder of beauty and fashion website, ‘A Model Recommends’. The result of this unique backstage collaboration is an inspiring breakthrough formula that fuses the art of catwalk styling with the science formulation.

As a successful vlogger, blogger and model, Ruth understands the importance of looking and feeling your best even when there’s not a second to spare. This is the essence of the backstage routine. She saw the gap in the market for a residuefree, high performance dry shampoo and set about working with a dynamic beauty team to solve the problem. AVAILABLE FROM: Superdrug Nationwide Beauty Mart RRP: COLAB™ DRY SHAMPOO 50ml   £2.00 COLAB™ DRY SHAMPOO 200ml   £3.50.


If you are looking for great lashes then lovely youtuber Tanya Burr has her own range which is absolutely stunning! The lashes are SO easy to apply and would make for great Secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers for Christmas 2014. Choose from a variety of different styles and lengths as well as pretty little Tanya Burr Individual Lashes for a wearable daytime look. Available from Feel Unique, Superdrug and in stores now.

Zoella-beauty-bag- Zoella Blissful Mistful, £8

Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is probably one of the most talked about youtuber stars of the moment. Her kind, friendly and down to earth personality has seen her fan-base spiral out of control over the last year or two, and she shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The Zoella beauty range was a huge hit and would make for fantastic Christmas present ideas for both teens and adults alike this year. The sweet fragrance and the gorgeous packaging really shows Zoe’s keen eye for detail and the quality of the products reveal her insider beauty knowledge that has been building up over her years in the industry. This year has also seen Zoe release her own book, titled Girl Online, which you can get by clicking here: Girl Online for £5! or on the image of the book below :

Last but by no means least, Alfie Deyes is another youtuber who is absolutely killing it in the entertainment scene right now. His channel is a huge success, he’s released his own merchandise and also has a chart topping book under his belt that would make for a great Christmas gift! Perfect for any of Alfie’s swarms of teenage fans, or just for those who want to try their hand at a fun and interactive book over the festive period! Get it here:Buy The Pointless Book or by clicking on the image of the book below!

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