Planning the perfect Galentine’s Day party

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First created by the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day and is the perfect chance to get all your friends together whether you’re single or all loved up. This provides a chance for you to all celebrate your love for each other.

According to the most recent data, roughly 60% of the population live with their partner and the rest may be single. This statistic proves that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a time for people in relationships to celebrate but also for friends to celebrate too.

If you’re wanting to celebrate Galentine’s Day in the right way then this is the article for you. Here’s everything you’ll need to plan the perfect part for this memorable day.


Activities are vital for a fun-filled party and there are so many to choose from. You may choose to have a self-care party filled with face masks and massages or you could binge the best movie sagas from start to finish.

Alternatively, you may also wish to share an alcoholic drink – or three – with your friends and popular drinking games may be the best way to do this. Whatever you choose, be sure to consider what all of your friends want to ensure everyone gets what they want out of the day.


Get together a few playlists full of your favourite bangers, love songs, break-up anthems or anything else that you fancy listening to. For a more chilled vibe, you may choose a record player with some classic and contemporary vinyls to provide an unbeatable ambience at the party.


Although you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day directly, Galentine’s is very much a love-filled occasion, so heartshaped balloons, banners and streamers are essential for your decorations. We also recommend putting up old pictures of your group, so you can reminisce and talk about the amazing times you’ve had in the past. This may then lead to you making more plans in the future too!

Food and drink

What’s a party without food and drink? Party food platters, a selection of bubbles and fizz or even a group takeaway are all great ideas. Plus, a takeaway will save the host from running around the kitchen trying to get everything perfect.

When you use these planning tips, you’re sure to have the best party ever and celebrate Galentine’s Day the right way.

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