Perfect Summer Wines and Champagne

Whispering Angel

Perfect summer days and I’m thinking of tanned bodies on white beaches, blue sky, and a tranquil ocean. Friends and parties on the beach or picnics in the mountains celebrating the sheer and simple joy of a summer’s day. Here are some tips on the type of wines to select that will blend in with the sunshine.


Summers gently nudge us towards wines with lower alcohol content and more pronounced acidity. The temperature of the wine also goes down a notch or two. Lower alcohol is a good idea to complement the extra glass or two the sunshine tempts us to enjoy. So, it is wise to look for wines with an alcohol content of around twelve percent or lower. A good guide is choosing wines grown at high altitudes or in cooler climates. This strengthens the acidity and provides a crisp and refreshing wine ideal for around the pool or at the beach.

Perhaps this is the time to leave the heavily wooded wines to prepare themselves for the winter evenings around the fire and explore the delights of light Rosѐ, or Pinot Noir. Wines with powerful tannins will not be such a good choice on these balmy days because of the somewhat bitter and drying sensations associated with prominent tannins.

From my perspective, when the temperature hovers around thirty degrees, I start to look at the soft and inviting tantalizing pink colors of a dry rosѐ. Here I’m going to suggest an excellent Rosѐ pack. It is a collection of six beautiful French Rosѐ wines.

The Provence Rose Tasting Case

By way of introduction, the toast of Provence, Whispering Angel 2021, is a Grenache blended with Rolle, Cinsault, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. The delicately blushing wine yields a scintillating bouquet of ripe strawberries, passion fruit, and lemon.

The super smooth taste is one of ripe peaches, tangerines, and citrus. Chill this wine to around eight degrees and sip it slowly.
Chateau Saint-Maur Saint M Rosѐ

The estate is only ten kilometers from St. Tropez. If the image of bronze bodies on white beaches comes to mind, you are on the right track. Grenache and Cinsault are the major components of this superior wine from the estate that is only one of twenty-two Cru Classѐ Estates of Côtes de Provence. Temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks form the central part of the vinification process resulting in a delicate wine with freshness and elegance perfect to pair with light seafood and salads.

Chateau Miraval Rosѐ 2021

Miraval is one of the most popular Rosѐ wines, and this light coppery-colored wine is a perfect example of a ripe cherry flavor that lingers on the taste buds. The versatility of the wine means that it can be enjoyed on its own or as a partner for pan-fried fish and summer salads.

Mirabeau Pure Provence Rosѐ 2021

Crafted from sixty percent Grenache and forty percent Syrah grapes harvested at night to capture all the freshness of the fruit, this Rosѐ is very much the Côte d Azur in a bottle. The subtle pink indicates the smooth and delicate hints of crushed berries, vibrant freshness, and balanced acidity. Sushi, seafood, and salads are perfect partners for this wine.

Favori Chateau Favori Provence 2021

The sunny days and the cool nights of Green Provence coax this pale pink wine to deliver a refreshing and thirst-quenching balance of spice and fruit. A blend of seventy percent Grenache, fifteen percent Syrah, and a little Rolle or Vermentino produces a wine of red fruit aromas and a long and almost salty finish. A perfect companion to fresh vegetables served raw, sea bass, and summer salads.

Chateau Sainte Marguerite Symphonie Rosѐ 2021

This refreshing combination of peach, citrus, and exotic fruits delights the palate—the subtle pink color results from blending Cinsault and Grenache. This delightful Rosѐ has achieved an overall rating of ninety four, reflecting the superior quality of the wine. I don’t know if it is just me, but I prefer drinking Champagne when the sun goes down. Those beautiful hours when the day is still warm, and the sun seems hesitant to call it a day seems the right time to gently ease off the cork of a lovely bottle of sparkling wine.

Champagne Laherte Freres Les 7

This is an exceptional wine. Made from seven varieties, including some unfamiliar ones like Petit Meslier, Formenteau, and Arbanne. The innovative method of implementing a solera-type system where reserved wine, stored in Burgundy barrels, provides forty percent of the new vintage results in a wine of intense complexity.

There are suggestions of black truffle, dried herbs, and layers of citrus. This is a wine to celebrate with some degree of circumspection. Serve with oysters and some creamy cheeses or, if you can, sneak a quiet glass with someone special. It is that sort of wine.

Mirabeau La Folie Sparkling Rosѐ

A combination of four varieties, Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache, and Collombard, all of which are night-harvested to ensure a mouth-watering freshness, makes this Sparkling wine an irresistible companion to summer salads and calamari. This Charmat method-produced wine has a smooth freshness from tiny bubbles that burst with flavors of strawberries and raspberries. This wine is so good you could succumb to the temptation of drinking it at lunchtime.

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