Last Minute Gift Guide 2023 – Gifts For Your Dog

With Christmas almost upon us, there are many amazing last-minute gifts to buy for your beloved pup! Don’t forget to bookmark this page, as we’ll be updating right up until the big day.

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Automatic Ball Launcher

This is a perfect choice of present for dogs who love balls, playing fetch and interactive play – and can be used both indoors and out, making it a brilliant energy burning gift in winter, when the weather sometimes isn’t great. 

With nine distance and six angle settings, this launcher holds up to three tennis balls at a time and shoots them between 2.5 to nine metres – but only after a tone is played. Its careful design includes built-in motion sensors to safely detect people and pets nearby, and its automatic rest mode ensures our excited dog doesn’t overdo it. Automatic Ball Launcher – RRP £180.99.

Teach and Treat Remote Reward Trainer

This brand-new remote-controlled reward-based training tool has just gone on sale – designed to teach dogs to develop positive habits by rewarding their good and calm behaviour, at home. It also teaches wider skills – such as agility, obedience, recall and walking to heel – and real results can be enjoyed after just two weeks, when training for ten to 15 minutes each day.

It’s a highly effective tool to overcome unwanted behaviours in all ages of dogs – such as whining, barking, pawing and seeking attention – and to encourage them to be calm, even with distractions and noises, such as doorbells and vacuum cleaners.

Reward-based – or positive reinforcement – training makes learning fun for dogs and, by treating them when they behave correctly, they’ll want to do so again. Eventually they respond to commands without requiring a reward.

PetSafe® brand’s battery powered Teach & Treat Remote Reward Trainer comprises a dry food dispenser, training target, and a remote control that can instantly reward a dog’s correct behaviour as it occurs, or immediately afterwards, from up 27 metres away​. By doing so – immediately and remotely dispensing his favourite kibble or dry treat as soon as good behaviour is displayed – Teach & Treat trainer establishes new positive habits.

For maximum usability and benefits, Teach & Treat comes with a whole array of online product-related training resources and support, including 13 training videos led by an expert certified trainer, as well as bespoke backup from the PetSafe® customer service team on its UK freephone number

Teach & Treat Remote Reward Trainer – RRP £188.99

Iced Mini Doggy Woofins. Pack Of 3 Dog Treats

Spoil your pooch with this delightful mix multipack of handmade dog treats this Christmas! This includes two vanilla and one carob sponge cupcake, topped with a touch of our favourite yuletide yogurt and a crunchy bone biscuit. Priced at £7.99 from Amazon.

Cobee Christmas Dog Santa Scarf

The knot-free design is convenient for you to put on and take off for your pet. The Santa Scarf can be firmly fixed on the pet, and furry friends cannot take it off by themselves. With an adjustable length, this makes a fantastic gift for your pup this festive season. Priced at £8.59 from Amazon.

Kobe Dog Light

We love this LED light and bag holder with carabiner. Perfect for winter evening walks. Priced at £6 from Kikkerland

PetLove Hunt & Squeak Wild Turkey toy

PetLove Hunt & Squeak Wild Turkey toy, is made from poly-velvet, corduroy, synthetic fur, recycled polyfill & coral sherpa it’s machine washable. Priced at £10.82 and available exclusively from Amazon.

The Fitzroy Red Leather Dog Collar

For the four-legged furball in your life, the Fitzroy is back. Now in available in gorgeous new colourways with contrast ecru stitching, it’s based on our much-loved Sennowe belt and made to colour-match your favourite tassels.

This buttery soft leather collar is fit for the most pampered of pooches. Walkies never looked so stylish! Priced at £45.00 from

Spinning Hydrants Treat Puzzle

With this interactive puzzle, pets discover boredom-busting mental stimulation as they hunt for treats hidden inside the 3 hydrants. Place treats or kibble inside the hydrants, turn the hydrant tops to adjust the openings, then encourage your dog to use their nose and paws to spin the hydrants to access the treats inside as they spill out.

The adjustable hydrant tops allow you to change how quickly the treats spill out the bottoms, and to fill with more or fewer treats. Available on Amazon,

The Ultimate Dog Walking Bag from Poppy + Ted

Every dog parent needs the perfect dog walking bag and we love this one from Poppy + Ted. This spacious bag offers a flat water bottledetachable mini treat pouch and front zipper pocket, as well as multiple inner pockets and dividers to store all of your dog walking essentials and more. It’s the perfect combination of style, practicality, and functionality. Priced at £39.99 and available from:

Also from Poppy + Ted you can pick up one of these stylish collapsible water bowls which look and feel amazing quality. Perfect for winter walks over the holiday period. Priced at £4.99 here.

Last but not least, these super cute Dog Mama poop bag holders are ideal for use on the go. Grab them for just £3.99 here!

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