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Halloween grazing board

Creating a Halloween grazing board has been on my mind for a while now and I have been saving all of my favourites to a Pinterest board. This week I had the perfect chance to create the grazing board of my dreams when we hosted a Halloween movie night for my friend’s birthday.

Halloween grazing board

First I had to decide what to use for the grazing board itself. I didn’t have one of those huge wooden chopping boards that you see all over Pinterest but I did have a large gold tray. This one was from Ikea but you could use pretty much any serving tray or chopping board.

halloween grazing board

Choosing a theme and a shape is important. I knew that I wanted my Halloween grazing board to be round. I began placing dark fruits like red grapes onto the board to start.

Halloween grazing board

We had plenty of crackers on other party platters so this one was all about the cheese! I cut one piece into a crescent moon shape and the others into chunks and slices. This created some different textures and depth to the board.

Halloween grazing board

I cut the strawberries, blueberries and pomegranate into star shapes. To do this simply run your knife around the middle of the fruit, making a zig-zag pattern until you end up back where you started. Pull the fruit apart and you have two pretty little star shapes! You could do this with the grapes or any other fruit.

Halloween grazing board

I decorated the board with some fresh mint and rosemary sprigs. I love the vibrant pops of green amongst the fruits and cheeses! It definitely gives the whole board a more polished and finished look.


The board was finished with a few spooky props like this spider placed around it. I love how this added to the effect whilst still keeping the stylish look and feel. I then finished off the rest of the table with more treats and props.

I placed lots of black pumpkins, neon ghost lights (I thought these were white lights when I bought them but they do look good!) and candles on the table to finish.

Halloween cupcakes were presented on this wooden chopping board and satsumas were dotted around for an additional pop of orange tones. We decorated the cakes with sprinkles and used marshmallows as little ghosts with faces drawn on in edible marker.

spell book

This Magic Spells book from Skye Alexander makes for a great read this Halloween and looks great on the table!

Halloween grazing board

I had so much fun making the savoury Halloween grazing board that I couldn’t resist making a sweet grazing board to go alongside! I used a variety of different chocolates and candies. We even made fruit kebabs. You can see more of this on my IG.

Hopefully this feature has inspired your Halloween grazing board designs? If you make your own, tag me on Instagram @lifestylelinked so that I can see!

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