IT Cosmetics Top 5 Superstars Holiday Make-up Collection Review

IT Cosmetics

QVC has some amazing offers launching in the run up to Christmas. This IT Cosmetics Top 5 Superstars Holiday Make-up Collection was recently the QVC TSV and it was hugely popular! Today we’re taking a look at this gift set and trying out IT Cosmetics for the first time after hearing so much hype about the brand.

IT Cosmetics

First impressions of the IT Cosmetics Top 5 Superstars Holiday Make-up Collection is that it looks pretty impressive. Any beauty fan would be absolutely thrilled to find this under their tree at Christmas.

IT cosmetics

The first thing I reached for after opening the packaging was the IT Cosmetics concealer as I had heard really good things about it. I was not disappointed! The formula of this is absolutely wonderful and coverage is amazing. Avoid making the same mistake as me by squeezing just a tiny amount of this onto the back of your hand to warm it up before applying. It won’t look like it’s going to be enough at first but as soon as you start applying it to your under eyes and any blemishes you’ll find you barely need any as the coverage is so high. An absolute must have for the holiday season and those Christmas parties! It’s going to become my most used concealer this winter I’m sure.

IT Cosmetics

Also included is brow pencil, which is so easy to use that even someone like me who is terrible at filling in their own brows can use it! It has a super fine tip and comes with a brush on one end which is so handy for tidying your brows up afterwards. I was also seriously impressed with the IT Cosmetics foundation and makeup brush that comes in this set. If you are looking for flawless coverage this is your best bet!

it cosmetics

The IT Cosmetics Mascara is brilliant for creating dramatic lashes, the only thing I noticed with this is that the formula is a little bit wet so application can be a bit messy if you aren’t careful. Take it slowly when applying this one as the results are worth it.

IT Cosmetics

The IT Cosmetics Top 5 Superstars Holiday Make-up Collection set is amazing value for money from QVC. The price is currently £64.00 and combined these products have a total value of £124.00 so it’s definitely worth picking up now. This set is available for a limited time only and would make the perfect beauty Christmas gift.

Find the IT Cosmetics Top 5 Superstars Holiday Make-up Collection on QVC here:

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