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spring cleaning

We may still be having the odd few rain showers but the flowers are starting to bloom and summer is most definitely on its way. For us this means finishing up any spring cleaning tasks and getting the home and garden perfectly ready for those warmer months ahead and for sunny summer days spent with friends and family.

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GlassVAC (RRP £79.99), the first cordless window vacuum from Bosch, is the ideal tool to help you get your home shiny and clean, ready for the summer months that we are all so keenly awaiting. Clean your indoor and outdoor windows, glass surfaces, tiles, mirrors, shower cubicles and vacuum away condensation and spilled liquids with this handy, cordless device.

spring cleaning

The GlassVAC wiper blade is extremely robust and durable, lasting longer than conventional wiper blades. It features “Power Protection Plus”, an innovative wiper blade technology with polymer coating that, until now, has only been used for Bosch car windscreen wipers.Due to this technology and its Bosch-patented material, the wiper blade glides effortlessly over surfaces, generating very little friction.

The cordless window vacuum is portable, light and boasts an exceptionally compact design. At a height of only 222 mm, the GlassVAC cleans surfaces quickly, with no annoying squeaking sounds or streaks left behind. It is lightweight, totally portable and has made our recent spring cleaning so much easier than we could have hoped. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve been getting the most out of the GlassVAC and some of the positive uses we’ve experienced so far this month:

spring cleaning

One area that we’ve really needed to focus on lately and one that is usually a chore is the bathroom. The Bosch GlassVAC can help eliminate additional time spent scrubbing and wiping and makes even the most dreaded tasks such as cleaning tiles, mirrors, windows, shower cubicles and screens so much easier. You can quite literally stand inside your shower cubicle and clean the inside screens within around 10 minutes, so there are no sopping wet towels and no aching arms to worry about as the Glass VAC does the majority of the work.

Thinking of entertaining outdoors soon and want to get your garden, patio and conservatory windows looking their best? You can use the GlassVAC to give your conservatory windows, patio doors and glass table tops a much needed clean. This has to be the perfect way to banish those lingering cobwebs, condensation and smudges from little sticky fingers! You’ll be ready to start accessorising the garden and making it look neat and tidy with your chosen outdoor accessories, tables and chairs in pride of place in no time.

spring cleaning

You can effectively also save yourself money on having to hire a cleaner or window cleaners for the inside or outside of your property and put the GlassVAC to work instead. It is so much more effective than a sponge and bucket and we found that there were no smudges and smears in sight at the end. Even our teenage daughter made light work of helping out with cleaning our kitchen windows lately, happily using the Glass VAC and giving it her seal of approval.

If you have a car, there is no longer any need to take it to the car-wash either. You can use the GlassVAC to clean your car windows and windscreens too and they’ll be gleaming!

bosch glass vac

The Glass VAC would also come in very handy for those who have pets. Muddy paw prints or marks from wet wagging tails can be easily and quickly cleaned away without any hassle. The Glass VAC is small enough to store in a cupboard and so easy to use (no complicated instructions or fiddly buttons) making it the perfect product for dad this Father’s day. Or even as a treat for your grandparents.  

All in all, the Bosch GlassVAC is an absolute must have piece of cleaning kit to keep handy as we head towards some much needed summer sun. With so many different uses it is definitely going to make cleaning so much easier and hassle free. Click here to buy.

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