Bad Moms Christmas Review

Bad Moms Christmas Review – In the second instalment of Bad Moms the friends are preparing for Christmas with their families when they receive the news that they’ll be expecting one more this year. What could really go wrong? It’s only their moms, right? If Christmas wasn’t stressful enough for the under appreciated moms, having their own moms baring down on them makes things worse from the instant they arrive. Amy’s mom turns up and is the complete polar opposite to Amy.

Her mom is overbearing, controlling and expects the best and most expensive decadently presented Christmas. Carla’s mum turns up unaware it’s even Christmas and Carla presumes she’s only come for one thing which she useless appears for, money. Finally, Kiki’s mum makes her feel uncomfortable as she starts imitating her beginning with her matching hair cut to not understanding the boundaries between mother and daughter following the death of Kiki’s father.

What could the ladies possibly do to counteract the stresses of their new guests? That’s right, get drunk, cause mayhem and acquire a free Christmas tree from the local mall! All Amy wants this year is a mellow Christmas with her family and friends will she get what she wants or will her mom continued to hijack Christmas?


It takes the girls moms to get together to see how they are failing their daughters and what they can each do to make amends and ensure their families have a great Christmas together.

Bad Moms Christmas is a great movie to get yourself and the older ones in the family in the mood for Christmas. I was initially hesitant about watching the movie as I thought it might not be as good as the first film in the sequel. However, this film is equally as funny and loaded with the same amount of comic lines as the first movie. The storyline was better than I expected as it seemed to carry a message of the importance of togetherness between family rather than the material aspects of Christmas. I was not prepared for their to be any significant message from this film other than some hilarious moments between the loveable characters. I’d love a Bad Moms Christmas! Who wouldn’t!

It’s not surprising that this genius film is still smashing box office numbers after it’s release of the 1st November. On saying that, I cannot see this film becoming a Christmas classic that you wish to dig out every festive season. It would be a great film to go and see with your friends or your mum if you’re feeling brave enough. Anyway, I’m feeling festive so I best go and dig out the decorations and the tree even if it’s November I’m doing Christmas my way!

Bad Moms Christmas is currently playing at all major cinemas and the estimate date for DVD and Blu-ray Release is January 2018.

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